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Is John Rzeznik Plastic Surgery a Failure, If It Even Is Plastic Surgery?

You’ve not forgotten Johnny Rzeznik, right? Last we heard, he was living in a spacious, two-story home in New Jersey, apart from performing several songs from his home under quarantine.

Goo Goo Dolls is probably, and obviously, the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear his difficult-to-pronounce name. And over the years, their soundtracks have been put to good work, quite a few times. You may have heard one of them on Transformers, when Shia LeBeouf was there, of course.

For all his achievements, the Goo Goo Dolls frontman hasn’t stayed behind all these years, even if it seems people rarely hear about him. He was on tour with his band after their 12th album, and considering that, he barely has time for anything. But is plastic surgery something he does have time for?

Speculations, That’s All There Is To John Rzeznik’s Plastic Surgery Topic

Sure, as a musician of his preferred genre, the various variations of rock, looks are important. Although, a makeover is preferred by most artists of the genre. But it’s not sure if plastic surgery is something these artists prefer to reshape their faces as well.

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As for Rzeznik, it’s obvious he looks so much younger for his age. He’s 54 already! While it’s a little unethical to keep speculating, it doesn’t stop self-proclaimed experts from thinking what he might’ve done, or even how horrible it’s turned out.

Even if it isn’t there, it seems everyone likes to think Botox is a sure thing for any celebrity, not just limited to Rzeznik, especially male celebrities. Sure, having a wrinkle-free face in his 50s brought up the discussion. But did he really get a nose job too?

“It’s painfully apparent,” is some publication’s assessment of plastic surgery on his face. Pointing fingers is no use now. You just gotta enjoy his music.

John Rzeznik Among Many to Liven Up with Performances from Home

You may have heard from a lot of pop/modern singer perform from their homes, but artists like Rzeznik often gets overlooked by the genre they adhere to. But hey, they have provided some good music too, and the fans know very well of it.

Rzeznik was among the ones to have performed live in Rolling Stone‘s In My Room IGTV video series, and the three songs he performed were what was really needed that resonated with the current condition.

“I hope you’re all good feeling good, we’re all gonna get this together, stay safe,” he started the live feed. He then went on to perform his three relevant songs, ‘Fearless’ (a recently released lyric video), from a recent album ‘Miracle Pill’ and 2006’s ‘Better Days’, all of which was something of an encouragement for people at home.

The band was on tour for that new album in the UK before the pandemic hit. It started a year after the 20th anniversary celebration of their album, ‘Dizzy Up the Girl’, with another huge tour. It was something that inspired him to make the new album too.

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