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Is Botox the Reason Behind Arnold Schwarzenegger Everglowing Youngness?

Learn the facts of Austrian-American actor, politician Arnold Schwarzenegger plastic surgeries. 

Born on July 30, 1947, Arnold Schwarzenegger is undeniably one of our role models who has blessed us with some of his immortal movies like Terminator, Commando, and Aftermath. 

But as ‘time and tide’ waits for no one, our beloved actor has also turned 72 years already! And with the growing age, there are also rumors of Arnold opting for plastic surgeries for his everlasting looks. So in order to know the facts, here, we present you with all the details of Arnold surgery rumors. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger Surgical procedure

The rumors swirling around the internet seem to be Arnolds’ facelift, botox injection, neck lift, and cheek implants. As below you can see two snaps with a comparison of how the actor has turned out in his years.

Schwarzenegger Before and After snap.
Image Source: Pinterest

As you can see on the before and after snap of Arnold which articulates how with time, Arnold has transformed from being shredded to saggy. 

No matter which surgery you opt for, you can never fix your body, but other parts, precisely facial can be adjusted. So the Rambo star did the same which most of the celebrities are doing these days.

Arnold Botox, Facelift and Necklift

Arnold back in his early ’40s’ vs ‘Now’.
Image Source: Pinterest

If you compare Arnold before and after snaps presently then you can witness some subtle changes as the actor seems similar to how he used to see in the young days. By now he should’ve looked like a grandfather. 

We won’t say that Arnold still got the same looks like his 30’s but he looks much younger compared with the recent people of his age bar. The former Governor of California still shares some saggy skin around his neck area so we don’t think he had botox injected on that area.

Matter of fact, the details regarding the legendary star plastic surgeries are all assumptions based on his changes throughout the years. In reality, the actor is yet to reveal the truth. 

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