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Instagram Star Txunamy Ortiz Biography

Young social media wonder, Txunamy Ortiz is an influencer and Instagram star. She is best known for her young beauty and cuteness. She has earned a lot of fame through her social media handles like Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube. Ortiz owns millions of fans and followers in her social media accounts. Also, she has her official website “Fashionista” which is also gaining huge attention these days.

The California-born star is now into movies and web series as well. She has played roles in series like “Mani”, “Chicken Girls” and “Disney Princess Remixed – An Ultimate Princess Celebration”.

What Is Age and Height Txunamy Ortiz?

The child fashion lover Ortiz was born on 23rd March 2009 to her father, Sdiezzel Ortiz, and her mother, Esthalla Ortiz. As of 2021, she is just 12 years old. Indeed, it is surprising to know about her fascinating popularity at such a young age.

Txunamy Ortiz with her dad, Sdiezzel Ortiz and, mom, Esthalla Ortiz.
Txunamy Ortiz with her parents.
Source: [email protected]

She was born in California, United States.

The American child star is 4 feet 11 inches tall. Likewise, she weighs around 40 kgs. Her black eyes and brown hair have added charm to her beautiful and charming face.

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Career at a Young Age: Instagram, Tiktok and Movies

It must be definitely interesting to know about the career initiation and breakthrough of the 12-year-old young sensation. Well, the journey started as Txunami’s mother, Esthalla Ortiz created an Instagram account for Txunamy in December 2014. She started posting pictures of five-year-old Txunamy on Instagram. Within no time, her cuteness attracted more followers on her Instagram. Today, she owns a verified Instagram account with 4.4 million followers. Her account is managed by her parents.

The white ethnic young lady has now flourished in Tiktok and youtube as well. Reports show that she has around 5 million followers on Tiktok. Also, her Youtube channel, txunamy also owns 3.5 million subscribers.

Moreover, sources have revealed that Ortiz also owns a website called ‘Fashionista’ where she transacts with all her merchandise.

For the past few years, she is also doing movies and series. The black-eyed girl is famous for playing Britanny in the web series “Mani”.

Txunamy Ortiz with the cast members of "Mani".
Cast members of “Mani”.
Source: [email protected]

Also, she has appeared in “Chicken Girls” as Britanny from 2018 to 2021. Recently, she has come up with her new character as Harper in “Disney Princess Remixed – An Ultimate Princess Celebration” in 2021.

Personal Life Of Txunamy Ortiz

For sure, it must be really unobvious to have curiosity regarding the dating life of such a young girl who has not even entered her teens. However, there are rumors that Txunamy has a crush on the young Australian skateboarder and surfer, who is a social media sensation as well.

Biggy is 12 years old as of now and is a part of the Youtube channel, “The Norris Nuts”. People have opined that Biggy and Txunamy seem really close to each other. They allege that these young pair has a crush on each other. However, a clear picture of this issue is not available as it can be a mere baseless rumor.

What Is The Net Worth of Txunamy Ortiz?

The young impact creator is living the life which people who are way older than her can just dream of. She has been fortunate as well as deserving to receive so much public attention, love, and support. All thanks to her supportive parents and her self-confidence, Ortiz has been able to accumulate a notable amount of wealth at such a young age.

Reports have shown that Txunamy Ortiz has a net worth of $200 thousand. It is a big amount for a child of 12 years old. Her major income sources are movies, sponsorships, and brand endorsements.

The “Mani” star was featured in reputed publications like Vogue, Glamour, and Hollywood Life. Moreover, she was also associated with Nike in 2017.

Sources have claimed that she earns $542-$8.7k per month from her youtube. Likewise, her annual Youtube income ranges from $6.5k to $104.1k.

Ortiz goes for vacations and tours very often as seen on her social media handles.

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