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How Much of Hilary Duff’s Plastic Surgery Rumors Are True?

Hilary Duff is one of those Disney stars who people seem to paste it in their minds that since she is a “Disney” star, she is supposed to make a mess of herself in the future after Disney, in one way or another. It’s not like there haven’t been child & teen stars having their image distorted after Disney. But to fabricate something and blatantly put it out there, that’s just wrong people.

You can grow a lot from when you’re a teenager, and these changes by nature seem to be what many take as proof of the changes that are artificial. For Duff, cosmetic & plastic surgery changes come a long way before they are true. Of course, she too has denied multiple times, but it’s highly unlikely that she’ll come to admit she had those alleged changes by plastic surgery.

For one thing, Duff has been really open about the changes she has made, i.e., cosmetic dentistry, and she’s also detailed the lavish routine she has to make her face glow like always. And every so often, she has to tell the world it’s just the same face she’d had since birth, except the growing up changes and the makeup she puts.

Hilary Duff’s Been Accused of Many Plastic Surgeries (Lip Fillers, Boob Job, Rhinoplasty), Why They May Be Wrong

Sure compare her face from the days in Lizzie McGuire and the days of two decades later. That’s a plausible comparison base (that’s sarcasm, if you’re not clear). When they say plastic surgery is obvious and believable, not sure what is being referenced.

Hilary Duff has been a subject of a lot of plastic surgery rumors.
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The 32-year-old has been accused of having done rhinoplasty, using lip fillers or Botox and even breast augmentation, according to surgeon Anthony Youn, a bigshot in the plastic surgery industry that you may know about. Although, the question of when he actually said, “It is definitely possible she may have had a breast augmentation,” remains under investigation.

Her smile is something that “seems” to have changed according to some true and some speculated cosmetic changes. While the teeth really have been reconstructed, to say the lips, her upper lip in particular, have had an overdose of fillers would’ve been momentary in several cases. In fact, the lipsticks on her lips were why they looked so much like she’s had it done.

Try your magic on plastic surgery.
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At one instance, her nose also seemed to have narrowed down from a wider bridge to a slimmer, pointier form. Not sure how they prove it, especially considering some photos are a little squeezed in width, and the difference is seen only when she’s smiling (wider nose) and when she’s not (a narrower one).

As for the changes in her bust size, she had a baby in 2012. What are you, experts? Neither are we, but hey, there are a lot of biological changes in women when they have babies. Like gaining weight after having a baby isn’t because women ate a lot during pregnancy, her bust size increasing from 34B to 36C can’t be so obvious from a boob job or something. And comparing photos from her teenage years doesn’t justify the claims.

Hilary Duff Has Defended Her Lips & Shared She Invests Heavily in Cosmetics Not Surgery

Daily Mail‘s entire site hasn’t been banned from numerous Reddit communities for nothing. When an article questioned Duff’s upper lips in July 2014, she herself took a stance. Although the article also praised several aspects of her, including her “fabulous figure”, some questions do need to be answered.

The mother-of-two had posted a selfie of her with a bright red lipstick all over her lips, and Daily Mail reported some fans asked if she had had a little cosmetic enhancement to make them look so much fuller. She took to Twitter and answered their queries in the most modest way possible, writing, “same lips I’ve always had, know u need stories, in this case it’s just red lipstick and a fancy angle:)”

As for the nose, Duff revealed her “dirty little secret” in a 2019 Glamour interview, while spilling out several big beauty questions, that she loves to shave her nose. It only takes about 2 second, she says.

When it comes to the big things, she credits her youthful look to being young at heart, despite feeling she’s had to be mature since she was 10, as well as to a $1,244 (allegedly) daily skincare regimen, brands like La Mer & Laura Mercier and even celebrity dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer. She’s pretty serious about her beauty.

The Elephant in the Room: She Had Her Teeth Done Because She Chipped It Often with Microphones

Duff’s biggest and the only plastic surgery change (if it’s even classified under plastic surgery) confirmed has been considered to be her porcelain veneers.

Tired of celebrities changing with their Hollywood Barbie teeth? There are many cases of people in the industry opting for this change and some even objecting to it completely despite the pressure (like Kirsten Dunst). For Hilary Duff, her teeth always gave her a problem when on stage with a microphone.

You know teeth makeover isn’t considered plastic surgery, right?
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In around 2005, she got porcelain veneers, brighter, larger and more symmetrical along their bottom ridges than her natural teeth. She reasoned the decision to get it because she kept chipping her weak teeth on microphones, but some might consider it just an excuse.

When she did get it, she got slammed more often than not. The press even got to the point of calling them “horse teeth”, and there were reports she had them filed-down to make it smaller. Despite it, you gotta admit, her smile has been brighter. Although, if you’re a critic, you’ll find flaws in anything one way or another.

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