Hilary Duff Surprises Followers with a New Family Member

Hilary Duff took her Instagram followers by surprise when she welcomed a new member into her family, but it’s not hers.

She loves babies, and you know it. And if you’ve been scouring social media and believing the “disgusting” accusation made against her, then a little part of your common sense has been broken.

Hilary Duff gets to be a cool aunt. She recently shared the happy news with her fans on social media that she’s received a new niece, Fallon Lena Mazzarisi, into the world. “Look at this gorgeous addition to our family♥️ welcome baby Fallon!!!” She wrote alongside a photo of her niece. “We love you so much and couldn’t wait for your arrival!!! Congrats @emilymazzarisi and @bigfatsnaredrum @matthewkoma and I are going to spoil her rotten!”

That was a surprise.
Photo Source: Matthew Koma, Instagram

The Disney star’s husband Matthew Koma joined in on the celebration, and celebrated little Fallon’s arrival. “Welcome our niece to the world!!!” He wrote on his post. “Fallon Lena Mazzarisi 5/27/20. Congratulations x a billion @krismazzarisi @emilymazzarisi … she couldn’t have landed better souls to call Mom & Dad .. get ready for the trip of your life ❤️”

However, it initially seemed like they’d dropped a bomb on Instagram, for those not familiar with their relatives they mentioned in the post. It was almost another Kylie Jenner moment. The fans were deceived by just seeing the picture at first.

The two married in secret, why wouldn’t fans be confused. But Duff’s been a testament of a good parenting individual. She and her husband are parents to one-year-old Banks Violet Bair. She’s also mother to her eight-year-old son, Luca Cruz Comrie, from her ex-husband. Self-quarantine has been joyous for the family.

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