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Hey! What up with Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Learn all the details of Nicole Kidman plastic surgery discussions.

Nicole Kidman,  American- Australian actress has had a lot of rumors of plastic surgery on the internet. 

Even though fans and critics have been arguing about it, she only admitted to having botox injections. But many people didn’t believe that as her drastic change astonished almost everyone. The rumors say that she has at least had breast implants, nose job, lips enlargement, nd facelift.

Nicole Kidman Breast Implants (Boob Job)

Nicole’s chest has been public attention since years back. Evidently, Nicole Kidman’s breasts are drastically evolving. In 2009, the of Keith Urban showed her new breast shape. It’s so round. Even numerous fans thought that the breast implants have made Nicole Kidman’s boobs look unnatural.

Nicole breast implants.
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As of late, her breasts have effectively made almost everyone raise their eyebrows. This time Nicole Kidman showed up with surprisingly better boobs. It looked more appealing to the eyes and even American plastic surgery specialist Dr. Anthony Youn gave remarks about her breast.

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“Nicole Kidman recently resurfaced in Australia with a noticeably larger chest. She appears to have gone from a large A to a full C. I suspect that the surgery may be quite recent, as she looks like she may still be a bit swollen.” Youn wrote on his personal blog.

What’s Up with Nicole Kidman’s Nose Job and Lips Augmentation

Nicole Kidman was lucky with her nose job. Comparing her before and after pictures, the rhinoplasty seems to have done its work just fine as her nose appears simple and good looking.

Are the nose job and lip suction truth of Nicole true?
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Nicole also had some lip jobs as it appears more full as she used to have slender lips. If you are looking for someone to do the job, Restylane and Juvederm are the best out there.

Other than that, facelift and fillers are also seen in the actress who has played in Batman Forever. Though she was criticized a lot for her previous plastic surgeries, she managed to revert it all through a new one.

Talking about the after-effects of boob job, nose job, and Botox, she seems to share the same views as Scarlet Johanson and Anna Faris, disregarding the fact that they are of different age.

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