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Here’s Why Bella Thorne Denies Plastic Surgery

Bella Thorne grew up right in front of our eyes. And, with all the physical changes we have witnessed of the actress from a girl to an adult, mind you if we tell you about the involvement of plastic surgery in it.

So, yes! Thorne’s gorgeous appeal differences can not just be credited with the color of her hairs and makeover, but a few trendy cosmetic procedures that include rhinoplasty and botox.

But, isn’t it surprising that Bella Thorne who herself despised the idea of plastic surgery filters on Instagram has undergone cosmetic procedures? Don’t believe us? Here are some proofs and the pictures showcasing Bella Thorne’s plastic surgery reliance.

Bella Thorne Plastic Surgery; Got Rhinoplasty & Botox

As for someone like Bella Thorne, an actress in the showbiz industry since she was six, her getting plastic surgery or to say getting cosmetic procedure was an easily noticeable subject for her fans. Thorne, in the likes of Kylie Jenner who is known for getting plastic surgeries, also tried getting them at an early age.

Before & after pictures of Bella Thorne showcasing changes on her face.
Source: Pinterest

Fans of Bella Thorne noticed the Shake It Up Disney alum had gotten botox like lip fillers to broaden the size of her lips. In other words, Thorne got an injection to get much fuller lips. She was in her mid-teens. And, it was even more observable when Thorne had worn dark lipstick.

Other than getting fuller lips, Thorne also reportedly underwent other cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty to reshape her nose. And as you see in the pictures above, the Midnight Sun star has her nose pointed to look longer and slimmer. Some pictures can be seen on Skin Care Edit.

Bella Thorne then and now.
Source: Pinterest

Fans are fully convinced Thorne underwent plastic surgery. However, Thorne had objection over the allegations.

Bella Thorne Denied Getting Plastic Surgery

When fans started pointing out Bella Thorne got plastic surgery, she was a bit raged to reply and deny such claims of having one. One of the first responses surfaced in 2015 when Thorne took to Instagram to reject the idea of having undergone plastic surgeries.

In her self defense, The Babysitter actress shared her fans that her physical changes were nothing but due to the bangs, makeup/contour, and medication. Well, Thorne expressed her allergy and medication made her lips look fuller and feel chapped.

Bella Thorne on plastic surgery filters.
Source: Twitter

Thorne, however, insisted to share any more of her personal matters publicly. Not to mention, in one of her tweets, Bella Thorne also shared her support to Instagram for removing plastic surgery filters in support of her ‘mental health and stability’.

Well, whether Bella Thorne had any plastic surgery or not, the public shall respect her decision.

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