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Here’s What You Should Know About Emily Blunt’s Plastic Surgery

All about Emily Blunt’s plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements.

Emily Blunt (born Emily Olivia Leah Blunt) is a British-American actress who started her acting career stage production of ‘The Royal Family’ in 2001 and made her television career from a movie ‘Boudica’ in 2003. The first-ever featured the actress appeared was ‘My Summer of Love’ in 2004.

 Emily’s is a massive success in the showbiz industry; almost all of her works are appreciated, but the actress performance in her most significant achievement, ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ is a highly acclaimed role. 

Since Emily’s career is something that doesn’t need an introduction, we are here to talk about her changing looks. Blunt has often come under people’s scrutiny for her looks; people suspect she has had plastic surgery. So did the actress really went under the knife? Let’s find out.

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery

There are plenty of rumors about Emily Blunt’s plastic surgery, while they are entirely based on the opinions of people, some claims seem convincing. According to the people, the actress has gone under the knife multiple times.

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Some fans suggest the actress has had rhinoplasty, but when we look into the past and present pictures, there’s hardly any noticeable difference. So we are just going to pass on that. People also claim the actress has had lip augmentation, which is not true either.

Emily’s lips look exactly the same as they used to look at the earlier stages of her career. So, we must agree, the actress, by this point, we can pretty much assume the actress has never been under the knife, well that too is just our opinion. 

What Does Emily Blunt Say About Her Plastic Surgery?

It’s pretty evident and normal for people to have speculated about their favorite celebrities’ changing looks. It’s just that plastic surgery is so conventional these days that it has become a new norm, and people can safely assume stars have gone under the knife. 

Photo Source: Agency/GF

In some cases, the guesses just come true, but in Emily’s case, the actress looks still free of plastic so far. And about her the speculations and rumors, the actress never bothered to address all those things. However, she has not declined them either, but we are going to make a wise guess now and assume the actress is blessed with good genes.

Blunt, however, may have opted for other cosmetic enhancements like Botox and fillers, which are pretty common these days, but again, there’s no evidence or even the changes on her looks. But people still insist that the actress changed her chin shape, which can be agreed upon, but to a very less degree. The comparison pictures can get confusing sometimes.

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