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Here’s What Experts Believe About Portia de Rossi’s Plastic Surgery

Portia Lee James DeGeneres, aka Portia de Rossi (born Amanda Lee Rogers), is an Australian American model, actress, and philanthropist. The actress is best known for her role as ‘Nelle Porter’ on the American drama “Ally McBeal.”

Portia, moreover, is also known for playing the character of Olivia Lord on the American drama ‘Nip/Tuck.’ The actress has received accolades like Screen Actors Guild Award for portraying the character of Lindsay Bluth Funke on ‘Arrested Development.’

We guess we don’t need to stress more on her career, as we all know how successful she is in what she does. But we are here to talk about her plastic surgery. It’s really hard to escape from this, especially for females in the showbiz industry, they are often scrutinized for their look.

Similarly, Portia is also one of them, people claim she has had plastic surgery but is it really true? Let’s find out if she has gone under the knife or not.

Portia de Rossi Plastic Surgery

Photo Source: Us Magazine

So the speculations about Portia de Rossi’s plastic surgery started to make rounds back in 2013. The people and some experts started to guess about whether the actress has had plastic surgery or not. 

According to the fans and some experts, Portia de Rossi has had rhinoplasty, a brow lift, filler injections, and Botox. Hollywood Life asked for an opinion from the experts on the actress makeover, and it’s surprising many believed the actress has in fact gone under the knife.

What Did Experts Say About Portia de Rossi Plastic Surgery?

One of the experts, Dr. Edward P. Miranda, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, said, “It appears that Portia underwent nasal tip reconstruction. Her nose used to point downward, and you can clearly see it is now upturned. She also may have had blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to make her eyes appear wider. Lastly, she definitely appears to have Botox injections (judging by her perfectly smooth forehead) and filler injections to the border of her upper lip.”

While Dr. Theodore Diktaban, A New York-based double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Otolaryngologist, said, “The most obvious thing for sure, is that she had her nose done. There’s no doubt about it. The position of the tip has definitely changed. There is a possibility she had some facial fillers for more fullness. It’s hard to tell if she had Botox because I’m looking at a still picture. She also may have had something done to her lower eyelids.”

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