Here’s a Breaking News: James Blunt Planning to Retire from Music!

During an interview on ‘Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch’, ‘You’re Beautiful’ singer James Blunt announced he might retire.

Maybe you remember him with You’re Beautiful only. Of maybe you followed him since that song, and you’re among those few who recognize his voice when someone asks you from his other songs. Either way, he’s given you some memories to take away.

Not in the most confirmational of ways, James Blunt answers Simon Rimmer‘s question on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, “What are the plans then?” From his Ibiza home, he says he “might” retire and just stay in Ibiza.

Yeah, he ain’t never leaving Ibiza.
Photo Source: FameFlyNet

“Yeh, I think I might retire now and live here, it’s pretty good,” he starts off. “I think this island will open in July and I hope some of you guys from the UK will come and visit us at some stage over the summer.”

“Otherwise my whole tour this year has been delayed basically for a year and kicks off in 2021,” he concludes. Even if it’s a joke, who knows.

In all his career, he’s released six studio albums and three live albums, plus a recent big hit single, The Greatest. It was after the COVID-19 hit hard around the world, as recently as you can imagine. In response, all profits will be donated to the NHS and WHO. He also announced his own radio show, also titled The Greatest.

Watch: In the Spirit of Standing Through COVID-19

Accordingly, the radio show is set to be played in hospitals across the country, and will only feature feel-good tunes to assist healthcare workers doing their job on the front-line.

Meanwhile, the Hospital Broadcast Association will broadcast the show. 170 hospital, health, and well-being stations across the UK are represented by the association.

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