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Heidi Klum’ Plastic Surgery: She Does Not Need One! She Is Naturally Beautiful

Did Heidi have plastic surgery? Let’s know what experts have to say on this?

Heidi Klum is a German model, TV personality, fashion designer, singer, TV producer, a businesswoman, and many more. She came to prominence following her appearance on the cover of the ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’ in 1998. Heidi is also the first German model ever to become a ‘Victoria’s Secret Angel.’

Heidi, since the beginning of a career as a model, has always been on everything related to fashion and modeling. She became the host and judge of ‘Germany’s Next Topmodel’ and ‘Project Runway.’ Heidi now, coming to 2020, is a Judge of the American reality show, America’s Got Talent,’ and now steps in her 47th year, too.

But when we look back and compare her recent pictures to old, there’s a little change on her looks. In fact, she looks better every day. There’s barely a sign of aging on her face, even in her late 40s; so, did she have plastic surgeries or any other cosmetic enhancements for her everlasting beauty? Let’s find out.

Heidi Klum’s Rumored Plastic Surgery

however, they can’t be sure of what she changed? Could it be the nose or her lips? Or did she go for a brow lift? The above pictures are from two different times, the left one is from 2007, while the right one is from her recent years.

But still, apart from specific changes, which are apparent they come as you age, there’s a little to no difference on her face. It’s for sure, Heidi did not opt for plastic surgery; however, she could have used the help of other cosmetic enhancement for maintaining her great radiant look. But let’s hear what Heidi says.

What Heidi Klum Says About Her Plastic Surgery and Other Cosmetic Enhancement Rumors

AGT judge, Heidi Klum, talking to Allure Magazine, revealed she never went under the knife. Moreover, she refused to have taken the help of any cosmetic enhancement either. While even the experts on cosmetic enhancement and plastic surgeries claim Heidi may have had not anything more than a Botox, Heidi cleared the clouds of rumors.

Pictures of Heidi, a decade apart (2007 – 2017) and still looks the same.
Photo Source: Life&Style

Klum said, “I am proud to be able to say, in this day and age, I have not done anything. Everyone has a view of what’s not pretty and plastic surgery, it just doesn’t look pretty to me.” and she jokingly added,  “Ask me again when I am 65.” 

So, all we can say is, Heidi is naturally beautiful. She is blessed with good genes, and that’s why she is a supermodel. 

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