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Has Taylor Swift Also Gone Under the Knife? Let’s Find Out!

Taylor Swift is undoubtedly one of the most recognized musical figures in the world. Her worldwide influence and success is a demonstration of what magnitude of musical talents she possesses in the music industry. But it is not just her singing ability that makes her fans go crazy for her, the damsel is immensely beautiful and possesses many traits that every girl would dream of having. Her cute face, rare electric blue eyes, blonde hair, long legs, and slender body, makes her almost a fairy tale beauty. Who would not fall for her? 

Indeed, few around the world can match her beauty. But it seems this might be the reason why people often put her under the microscope and raise questions, has she gone under the knife for any of her body parts? 

Many have been accusing Taylor of being in the list of celebrities who have gone through the cosmetic procedure. People argue she has cosmetically enhanced two of her body parts. So, how much of this allegation is true, and what does the songstress herself say about it? Stay tuned!

Taylor Swift’s Nose Job Claims 

Many rumors claimed to have seen a slight change in Taylor Swift’s nose, which many believe as a result of nose surgery. Reportedly, her nose looks a bit thinner, and also her nostrils have slimmed down quite a bit compared to her pictures in 2010.

Surgeons believe she underwent a rhinoplasty procedure to make her nose thinner and more refined. American plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn, said there is a subtle work done on her nose, and whoever did it has executed it well. 

Taylor Swift’s nose in 2010 (left) and 2015 (right).
Source: Mya

The Grammy Award winner has never commented on that topic, but it seems her secret is out. What do you think? 

Did Taylor Swift Undergo Breasts Increment Surgery?

In June 2016, Taylor Swift was photographed holding hands with her then-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston in Nashville, Tennessee. The lovebirds were there to attend the singer’s friend Selena Gomez‘s concert. But more than the duo’s romantic scene, most people’s attention went towards her bosoms.

Pictures of Taylor Swift in 2013 (left) and 2016 (right).
Source: Plasty Talk

It seems her breasts were bigger than it was a few years ago. Many began questioning if she had breast implants done, and from there on, the rumors started. 

The rumors further escalated after she attended the Golden Globes in 2019, and fans were sure that the “Red” hitmaker did undergo plastic surgery. Many took to social media to mock her.  

One person wrote:

“Taylor Swift’s boob job is the best boob job in the history of Hollywood.”

Another wrote: 

Would like the number to Taylor Swift’s boob job doctor pls.”

After many people and media criticized the “Bad Blood” singer, her close friend actress Sarah Hyland came to her defense and told everyone to stop judging women by their looks. 

Earlier in 2016, actress Ariel Winter also gave her full support to the musician and said if Taylor can do whatever she wanted with her breasts. Ariel also had surgery done on her breasts but it was the exact opposite of what Swift did, that is, she performed a breast reduction surgery.  

Plastic Surgeon’s Verdict on Taylor Swift’s Breast Enlargement Theory

While many of her fans defended Taylor Swift and declared false accusations of plastic surgery, experts had their say on it. When asked about what he thinks about the “Shake It Off” singer’s body, Dr. Youn said:

“Taylor definitely appears to have had a breast augmentation.” 

The Michigan-based surgeon assumed the country musician might have gone from a size A-cup to a C-cup through breast enhancement. 

Surgeons believe Taylor Swift did get breast implants.
Source: Us Weekly

Another plastic surgeon Dr. Zara Harutyunyan agreed to her counterpart and had this to say about the change in the 30-year-old musician’s bust size.

Dr. Zara told: 

“Since Taylor’s breasts look fuller and bigger in the recent photos, I estimate that she went from an A-Cup to a C-cup.”

Well, one can notice the difference of Taylor’s breasts in the pictures on top of that experts also nodded on that claim, but what does the singer say. The singer has never made any statement regarding the subject.

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