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Has Scarlett Johansson Ever Undergone a Plastic Surgery in Her Life?

Scarlett Johansson is not just one of the most talented and leading actresses in Hollywood, but she also ranks as one of the beautiful females out there. But many wonder if her beauty is truly natural? Some say she has had help from artificial cosmetics to increase her beauty.

Plastic surgeries are becoming more and more common in the US, and celebrities are queuing plastic surgeons’ clinics. And in exchange for beauty, they are ready to pay a massive sum for the procedure. And who would blame them? After all, they are continually surrounded by media, paparazzi, and the public, right?

But did the “Black Widow” star really had any plastic surgery? Or is it a hoax spread on the internet for gossips? 

Scarlett Johansson Had a Nose Surgery

Scarlett Johansson might have had nose surgery to bring her nose in shape. If you look at her pictures when she was 12 and right now, on a closer look, you can see there is a minimum but subtle difference.

Scarlett Johansson before and after her probable nose job.
Source: Pinterest

Plastic surgeons believe she might have had a nose reconstructive procedure to insert two rhinoplasties to gain a slightly thinner and well-shaped tip on her nose. Many don’t notice she has ever done any surgeries on her nose, but experts say it is certainly one of the best nose surgeries ever done on a celebrity. 

Teeth Whitened 

Scarlett Johansson’s seemingly perfect teeth help her make a radiant smile, and it has undoubtedly become an asset for her beautiful looks. But it appears those are also repaired at the dentists.

Scarlett Johansson’s teeth are whitened and evened by dentists.
Source: New Edit Magazine.

The Tony Award Winner has had teeth whitening treatments and porcelain veneers. Her teeth are a noticeable feature, and as you can see the picture of her younger self, her upper incisors were bigger before, but now it is trimmed off to even it with other teeth. 

Scarlett Johansson Lips Fillers

Other than nose and teeth, one other part of Scarlett Johansson’s body comes under people’s radar, and that is her lips. People say her lip looks full, and it does, which makes you think if she had lip injections in the past. 

Scarlett Johansson’s lips are natural.
Source: Life & Style

The answer surprisingly is a No. Johansson’s lips have never undergone cosmetic enhancements, according to surgeons. Her lips are natural, and there might not be anyone’s lips like hers. 

Does Scarlett Johansson Admit of Having Plastic Surgery?

In 2006, when Johannsson was only 21, she said she is not averse to the idea of going under the surgeon’s knife. 

Speaking about that, she said:

“Oh, I definitely believe in plastic surgery. I don’t want to be an old hag; there’s no fun in that. But I think if you’re comfortable with yourself, then that’s sexy.

Many media and online news wrote the actress said it because she had already underwent a plastic surgery.

A year later, in 2007, however, the “Avengers” star denied she ever had plastic surgery. In a statement, the 35-year-old said, 

“I have always been straightforward with the press regarding my body image, and I am very concerned that my fans (and perhaps even my employers) will feel mislead.”

Since then, Scarlett has never commented on the question of plastic surgery, and people seem not to care much about that matter. But save it Johan, we have uncovered your secrets.

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