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Has Rihanna Undergone Any Plastic Surgery Operations?

Grab all the facts and details behind Rihanna’s plastic surgery. 

Robyn Rihanna Fenty, better known as Rihanna, is an ‘Icon Living,’ who makes everyone exhilarate with Musial and fashion vibes. It’s no doubt that we’ve grown up along with the singer and her music, which has been part of the industry since signing with Def Jam Records at the age of 16 since 2005.

Through her 15-plus year journey in the musical career, the Umbrella hitmaker definitely changed a lot. And with her evolution, there are rumors about the 32-year-old star opting for some facial surgery and implants. So to clear the fog and to enlighten you with the facts, we present you with all the details here.

What’s the Real Fact Behind Rihanna Nose Surgery?

Comparing Rihanna’s before and after snaps, over time, reflects that the singer has potentially undergone a nose job, also cited as rhinoplasty.

Robyn nose job speculations.
Image Source: Mya

The singer has been accused of refining the bridge of her nose and making the circular portion a little pointy and uplifted. As on her older snaps, her pictures seem bulky and with more linear looks.

Well, fans are not the only ones coming with the speculations regarding Rihanna’s nose job. One of the notable surgeons Dr.Jeffrey Rawnsley shared in 2013, “I confirm the fact that having performed thousand of rhinoplasties, Rihanna had rhinoplasty.”

The Doctor claimed, “Her nostrils are less bulky, but still ethnically appropriate. Her mid-portion of her nose has a more linear and less triangular look to it. Her tip is narrower, and has a slight upward tilt.”

Rihanna Before and After surgery claims.
Image Source: Celebrity Surgery

But we cannot fully assure you on analyzing Rihanna’s nose shape as there’s also a slight possibility the looks were due to different elegant styles of makeup and weight gains. (We came to the assumption as in some of the snaps, her nose look like they were the same before the comparison was done).

And the other reason why we think she might not have done it is because back in 2012, Rihanna shared with MYA Cosmetic Surgery, “I’m terrified of going under the knife. Because of the pain, the complications – not to mention the fact that it’s utterly unauthentic.”

Is Rihanna’s Breast Implants Rumors True?

Following Fenty founder’s facial surgery rumours, majority of followers seem to be curious, accusing the Diamond hitmaker of breast augmentation. 

‘Te Amo’ hitmaker breast implants.
Image Source: Verge Campus

But looking to the images and accounting on the size of her breast, there’s clearly some notable changes on her. However, the time when Rihanna’s breasts are seen big, for instance, the above ‘right’ and ‘left’ looks, has differed according to her bra designs.

The one on the left has more of an open design, which did not leave a space making them seem small compared to the right, in which she’s worn a tighter outerwear and design.

Rihanna in ‘2012’ and ‘2020’.
Image Source: Instagram

Similarly, the above snaps are evidence that proves Rihanna did not go for any silicone implants. Before we go into speculation, the model always had a tempting physique with good height.

However, you might think that the one on the right shows bigger chest – yes, but only slightly. And as you can see, the one on the right also previews that the You da One hitmaker has gained some pounds in comparison to the past. 

And the Fenty model had a significant weight gain in 2017, and later she went under some loss but not totally to skinny. Just setting up with a sexy figure on her chest and hips area. So, her weight gain in a subtle way made her physique a little different.

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