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Has Reality Star Chanel Ayan Opted For Plastic Surgeries? Details Here

Chanel Ayan (born Pillott Ayan) is a multi-talented personality. She is a popular Kenyan actress, model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur.

Ayan gained fame and attention at a very young age through modeling. She has also worked for many modeling agencies, such as Vogue, Elite Models, and so on.

Lately, Chanel grabbed media attention and came to the limelight after making her appearance in the reality TV series, The Real Housewives of Dubai. With all this popularity, she has also gained plastic surgery assertion. So, grab all the details here on those claims.

Chanel Ayan Plastic Surgery Details

No matter how successful one’s life might be, everyone has their highs and lows, and it is the same for celebrities. As for Chanel, one of the hardest moments she had to go through was when she suffered the trauma she endured in Africa during her childhood.

Source: Instagram @chanelayan
Chanel Ayan plastic surgery analysis

The reality star cum entrepreneur is still not out of the trauma completely. So, what had happened?

Chanel Ayan Survived Forced Genital Mutilation

In one episode of The Real Housewives of Dubai, Ayan was emotional about the surgery she received during her childhood.

Chanel revealed publicly against the trauma of genital mutilation, she survived in Africa as a child. She was forced to undergo the surgery at the age of 5 because of the culture.

In my culture, it’s done to keep women v*rgins. Everybody’s a v*rgin in my culture because of this. Because how are you going to have s*x when you’re sewn as a girl until you’re married? It’s a way to keep men satisfied. This is practiced in over twenty-eight African countries: the Middle East, Syria, Yemen.”

The television personality continued-

“I’m a survivor. I felt that I was utterly betrayed by my culture and my family. This is just a barbaric practice and it shouldn’t be happening to young girls. It happened to be thirty-five years ago, and I’ve never gotten over it.”

The reality star can relate to the pain of young girls going through genital mutilation. She said, “A lot of girls get depressed and die or their hormones get imbalanced due to the surgery. So, she is trying to end the practice by using her cosmetic line, Ayan Beauty.

“I think the trauma is something that I will live with for the rest of my life. This is why I want to talk about it, because I honestly don’t want this to happen to anyone because I know exactly how it feels, and it’s not good.”

Genital Mutilation is an act or instance of destroying, removing, or severely damaging a limb or other body part of a person.

Has Chanel Undergone Other Surgeries?

Chanel has not revealed any other comedic surgery besides genital mutilation as of yet. So, let’s assume she is plastic surgery free. But this is not the case for others. Many public figures undergo surgery to enhance their beauty.

Here is the Plastic surgery details of other reality star such as Robyn Dixon, Mary CosbyJen Shah,  Lisa BarlowJennie Nguyen, and Meredith Marks.

Additionally, the most common plastic surgeries procedures according to the recent data are-

Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow microblading is placing pigment with tiny microblade strokes in a semi-permanent style over one’s existing eyebrows.

It can cost around $350 to $800.

Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty is a procedure to improve the appearance of one’s eyelid. It is also for medical reasons, such as improving one’s vision.

Upper eyelid surgery can last up to seven years, while Lower eyelid surgery rarely needs to be repeated.

Gizelle Bryant is alleged to have undergone eyelid surgery as they look different.

Source: YouTube @The Williams Center
Picture showing before(L) and after(R) surgery

According to 2020 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of cosmetic eyelid surgery is $4,120.

Plasma Fibroblast

Plasma fibroblast is a nonsurgical skin-tightening cosmetic treatment that utilizes the fourth state of matter-plasma. It provides an alternative to fillers, surgery, and other expensive and invasive anti-aging procedures.

Source: YouTube @Cassandra Bankson
Picture showing before(L) and after(R) Plasma fibroblast

The treatment typically ranges between $500 to $1,000.


Bryant is also alleged to have a Rhinoplasty. It is the surgical improvement in the nose’s appearance. Sometimes, it is also performed for the treatment of difficulty in breathing.

An average rhinoplasty cost is $5,483 in the United States.

Br**st Augmentation

Br**st Implants, aka Br**st Augmentation/ enhancement, is the procedure that involves using implants or fat transfer to increase the size of one’s mentioned body part.

It can last 20 years or more. As per 2020 statistics, an average cost for the surgery is between $6,000 to $12,000, including the surgeon’s fee of $4,866.


The liposuction procedure uses suction to remove extra fat from a specific body part like hips, thighs, arms, neck, or others.

According to the 2020 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of Liposuction is $3,637

Some Other Details of Chanel Ayan

How Old is Chanel Ayan?

Chanel Ayan was born on June 7, 1978 in Malanba, Kenya. So, as of 2022, she is 44-years-old. She was raised with five siblings.

The reality star has a height of 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm).

Who is her husband/ boyfriend?

Chanel Ayan tied the knot with Luca Salves. Reportedly, the couple met in Brazil, started dating, and eventually got married.

Source: Instagram @chanelayan
Chanel Ayan with her husband Luca and son Taj

The duo has been blessed with a son- Taj Salves.

How Much is Her net worth?

Chanel Ayan has established herself in various dimensions. She is a famous actress, model, entrepreneur and influencer.

As of 2022, she is worth around 2-3 million approximately.

Where does she resides now?

Currently, the television personality resides in Dubai with her beautiful family.

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