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Has Lucy Hale Ever Gotten Plastic Surgery?

It’s evident ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Lucy Hale possibly hasn’t opted for plastic surgery at any point in her career. But people will say what they will. Find out what they say.

With her favorite shade of dark lipsticks, darker than dark hair and sometimes Gothic look, our country star Lucy Hale is a perfect person to be part of the Pretty Little Liars squad. Yeah, and it’s a little hard imagining her as a country singer. But maybe it was already a well-known fact that to really notice how she doesn’t look like one. Most of the time.

That’s not something to think about now though. It’s already established her talent is there to be true. But we’ve seen her beauty evolve since a long time ago, since she was a teenager really, and there are some details that are really too hard to ignore.

Some Suspect Lucy Hale’s Got Lip Filler When a New Look Freaked Out Her Fans

For a long time, before during her Pretty Little Liars days, the only discussion about her face was how her makeup style evolved. But it’s been only about a year that the focus of the topic has shifted to possible plastic surgery. Well, her look had changed, but it’s not sure if this change was for the series Katy Keene back then or permanent. Turns out it was the latter.

The change was a gradual process, though, people barely noticed.
Photo Source: Lucy Hale, Instagram

It was this change that freaked out (kind of) long-time fans of her, as the perfectly thin-lipped Lucy Hale did not come back. And when she posted throwback photos on her Instagram page, it was apparent there was a lot of change in her face. It ultimately became a topic for social media discussions, especially Reddit.

When you see plump lips on a naturally thin-lipped (moderate-lipped really) Lucy has now, even she has to agree it becomes a topic for plastic surgery here and there, even if it’s minor. Many agree that she likely had lip fillers, even though there hasn’t been some kind of affirmation about it from her.

However, lips weren’t the only anomalies on her face with this transformation. Sure, she has posted her makeup procedures, sometimes wearing a face mask, and it might be elegant makeup/spa treatments and whatnot.

It’s not just growth.
Photo Credits: Raymond Hall, GC Images / Michael Tran, FilmMagic

But her eyes suddenly got bigger and looked like she was judging someone when she wasn’t smiling. The problem was, though, her ever-so-curvy smile had changed due to the new lips, and the shape of her face was not the same. We don’t want to admit he’s into Botox and other fillers now that she’s over 30, but her smile when she shows her teeth looks admittedly better.

Everything for now has been a gem for gossip topics on social media, but when you’re a fan, you don’t want to feel bad about certain things celebrities decide to do. But we also don’t want to pretend it’s just a change in hairstyle, which has always been short in case of Lucy since 2014, which made us see her a little differently than usual. And sure, non-surgical facial treatments can do magic for people.

Before This Change, Weight Loss Had Something to Do with a Changing Face Structure

You may have seen this girl only since her Pretty Little Liars days, which is only back in 2010. But anyone who knows about her early days, we’re talking The O.C. and Bionic Woman, they know her lips were what they are now, but she was more muscle in her face than she has now.

Yeah, that’s her lips back in 2006.
Photo Credit: Gregg DeGuire, WireImage

Fans has discussed this too, stating how she’d lost weight in the middle of the series rather than before. And in some sense, it might be true. But the discussion also came to be about lip fillers because her lips became more pronounced due to weight loss.

There’s not much to discuss it, but for people thinking she may have had lip fillers back then, it is important to remind them with the earlier photos that her lips were always that size. Weight loss just did that to her entire face.

It’s not to say her change isn’t acceptable. Fans need assurance that if she chooses plastic surgery as a path, she might want to think about it before taking it a step further. If not, there’s no need to tell her to stay beautiful as she is. Fans are there to love her nonetheless.

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