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Has Juliette Porter Ever Had Plastic Surgery?

Boy, it was and still is a lot of drama, huh? But Juliette Porter believes everything will work out around her, especially the little controversy with her ex Alex Kompothecras. Well, it’s a TV show.

A lot of things have unfolded since Siesta Key returned after the mid-season. We get to know Alex was fired, of course, but that Porter knows the new father will be a great dad, though doubting Alex & girlfriend Alyssa Salerno‘s relationship.

However, before this season really started at all, there seems to have been some changes Juliette apparently made to her body. But if plastic surgery really true is a question only experts can answer.

Juliette Porter Got a Boob Job Plastic Surgery?

Reality shows have often made for several controversial plastic surgery discussions. Although, it has not made it into the Siesta Key. And it’s not like it’ll be that bad to discuss it. It is possible Juliette Porter had breast implants because you can’t get a result like hers in a month. The difference was seen between September & November.

Additionally, there has been rumors of a nose job and lip injections. But who knows. Either way, it’s not something to be shameful to talk about. She may have had lip injections or even a nose job, but it’s hard to tell with the makeup. And if she has, it’s certainly fit her right.

Juliette Says Alex “Begged Me” to Hook Up with Her Before Alyssa Was Revealed to Be Pregnant

Don’t confuse the time when most reality shows air as they do months after actually filming it. Alex is a father now, and just before the mid-season hiatus, we found out Alyssa was pregnant shortly after Porter admitted to having sex with Alex.

Yeah, there are some complicated things.
Photo Source: Juliette Porter, Instagram

It was widely speculated that Juliette accepted Alex’s approach to hooking up because she was looking for revenge for when he had cheated on her. But it turns out she had a different reason to reveal to the public. “He was begging. I did not go searching for that,” she told Us Weekly.

Roommate Chloe Trautman confirmed that he’d approached their room in the middle of the night and asked for Juliette. The emotional connection she had for Alex was not why she slept with him. She also admitted that a part of her wanted to know if she wasn’t the only one he would cheat on.

Juliette asked Alex if he was going to tell Alyssa about the night the next morning, but he shrugged it off. Instead, when he went home, Alyssa expressed her concern for the two not being together, which he tried to assure her he did not spend one-on-one time together.

We’ll just see then.
Photo Source: Alex Compo, Instagram

When all is said and done, Juliette believes he will be a great dad and hopes that fatherhood would change him in a good way somehow. But she absolutely doesn’t think that what he has with Alyssa will not last. Meanwhile, she is currently dating Sam Logan.

“I don’t know if he’s going to completely commit to [Salerno] — I don’t think he will,” she told ET’s Katie Krause during a recent online interview. “I think that he will be a great father. He loves kids. … His daughter could be one of the best things that will ever happen to him, so I’m really hoping that maybe he’s no longer going to be the person that he used to be.”

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