Greg Glassman

Who Is Greg Glassman?

Greg Glassman, an American millionaire businessman is the co-founder of Crossfit who came into notorious limelight in 2020 for mocking the death of George Floyd, the African-American who was murdered by police brutality.

Greg Glassman, former CEO of Crossfit.

In the wake of the unarmed George Floyd’s death that led to the huge protest across the nation for the justice of Floyd & thousands of others and to stand against racism, Glassman came forward to share on Twitter where he made racist remarks on George’s death.

Writing ‘It’s Floyd-19’ on social media, he also added by tweeting, “Your failed model quarantined us and now you’re going to model a solution to racism? George Floyd’s brutal murder sparked riots nationally,”

Not to mention, Glassman also apparently had told his staff at Crossfit to not mourn Floyd’s tragic death, as Buzzfeed reported. But, soon after the business mogul’s claims went viral, the internet raged against his racist remarks.

Greg Glassman’s racist tweets on George Floyd’s death.Source: Reddit

Glassman then later released an apology statement on the Instagram page of Crossfit where he also wrote he was retiring citing that he can not let his ‘behavior stand in the way of HQ’s or affiliates’ mission.

Greg Glassman: Private Life, Married Twice

Crossfit’s founder had been married twice in his whole life so far. Glassman shared his first marriage to his wife, Lauren Jenai somewhere in the nineties or the late eighties. As a matter of fact, Greg co-founded his gym mogul alongside Lauren.

Greg Glassman and first wife, Lauren Jenai.
Source: Daily Entertainment News

Glassman is also believed to share no child with his former wife whom he divorced in 2013. And, with their divorce settlement, Lauren sold Crossfit for $20 million. The husband and wife, however, share no kids.

Greg Glassman and wife, Maggie Robinson.
Source: Daily Entertainment News

Glassman is currently married to his second wife, Maggie Robinson after he divorced Lauren. As for Maggie, she is also believed to be a businesswoman. The husband and wife, however, share a child, a daughter.

Greg Glassman: Holds A Net Worth Of $150 Million

Following his divorce from Lauren Jenai, Greg Glassman owned the full ownership of CrossFit which is reportedly estimated to be worth at more than $1 billion. But, with his resignation from the company, Glassman is believed to have sold the gym company for $100 million.

Speaking of Crossfit, Greg and his former spouse managed to take over their business over the world with establishing more than 10,000 affiliates gyms that charge $3000 per year for the company licenses under the name called ‘boxes’.

In addition, Greg Glassman is reported to have a net worth of more than $150 million. He reportedly spent his earning on owning multiple properties that include jets, hell, and luxurious mansions.

Greg Glassman: Quick Facts

  • Glassman graduated from a local private school.
  • Pursued his gymnastic career in 1974.
  • Glassman invested in the movie Every Second Count as a producer.
  • An honoree of the United States Sports Academy.
  • As of 2020, Glassman is 63.

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