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Grab All the Facts from Melanie Griffith Comprehensively Illustrated Plastic Surgery

Learn all facts behind Melanie Griffith plastic surgery.

Melanie Griffith absolutely got terrible surgical procedure on her. American actress who played in the film Working Girl (1988) messed up her face with some plastic surgery. 

Although Melanie surgeon had performed great tasks of a facelift, facial fillers and Botox, her surgery didn’t go well. Ahead we present you with all the details of the actress plastic surgery procedures and learn what went wrong on ’em. 

Melanie Griffith Lip Augmentation  

Lips are the first odd-appearing thing on her face. The American actress’s lips has been thicker in an unusual way.  

Melanie Griffith before and after lip augmentation
Image source: Lifestyle Blog

A highly regarded plastic surgeon, Dr Anthony Youn wrote on her personal blog about the actress as-

She has augmented her lips too much, causing her to lose the Cupid’s bow part of her upper lip. This is likely a sign of a Gore-Tex  lip implant (a type of plastic that some plastic surgeons use to augment the lips, whereas I use it for the covering on my jacket).

Thus, we can consider that the actress may have gone through these surgical procedures to improve her appearance and chances in the industry.

Melanie Griffith Facelift, Facial Fillers and Botox

The Roar actress, born on August 9, 1957, is in her early sixties. So, we can consider her urge for the surgery. The facelift has been an important factor in maintaining one’s appearance. It tightens the facial skin and decreases the wrinkled skin on the face. The talented actress also got the same but she got it too much.

Melanie Griffith after facial fillers and Botox.
Image Source: Pinterest

Botox and filler infusion have been effectively deleted scarce differences and wrinkles all over. Comparing her pictures of past and present, we can assume that the actress had undergone through Botox for her flawless facial skin. 

The skin looks too smooth for someone in their sixties, doesn’t it? Along with it, another facial surgery has made her cheek thicker but unnaturally. 

To sum up, Melanie Griffith without a doubt got an awful consequence of plastic surgery. She appeared to have gone through the procedure way more than she needed. (You can further compare from her Instagram)

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