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Grab All Details on Plastic Surgery Addict Kristen Snider’s $185,000 Plastic Surgery

Know all the details of plastic surgery addict Kristen Snider’s plastic surgery. 

Some might remember Kristen Snider precisely from his 2011 movie In the Devil’s Courthouse while some might know her lately as the has been making headlines over the tabloids and magazines for spending more than £150,000 ($183,722) on her surgeries so far. 

Since the 28 years old personality intemperate plastic surgery obsession is trending all over tabloids and magazines leaving the reason and all the procedures she went for her overwhelming beauty, ahead we present you with all the facts, details and reason behind Kristen Snider plastic surgery, 

Kristen Snider Plastic Surgery

‘I view surgery as the tool to achieve the image I have of myself in my head,’ says Kristen. ‘I’ve always wanted extreme curves.

Moving back to why Kristen mind buzzed of going for a surgery was precisely after she was body-shamed and teased for her looks in High School days.

Kristen’s obsession with plastic surgery started at 18 after she got her first boob job.
Image Source: Instagram (@krissyk.xo)

As an aftermath of all the disgrace she received during her teenage days, Snider made her mind change her appearance. As in now, you name the surgery she has not opted for. 

The glamour model underwent contouring, rhinoplasty, chin contouring. Below we’ve presented you with all the details, 

Kristen is Open About Her Breast Implants on Instagram

Back in March 2010, when Kristen was 18 years old she went through breast augmentation with 550cc implants. The procedure costed her $7,2000

As per Daily Mail, Kristen felt overjoyed with the change that she cried with joy after seeing the results. ‘My first breast augmentation was the gateway which helped me catch the bug for more plastic surgery,’ Kristen said. 

As obsessed people get after having the first tattoo, she shortly went under her second breast augmentation with 1,500 cc implants. Matter of fact, she even had ribs removed for the perfect shape. As in now, her breast size is 32B. 

Her positive change with healthy recovery encouraged her to do more with her body and later made her addictive for wanting more of surgery. 

Kristen Snider had Twice Butt Implants

The picture on left – During buttocks implants recovery and on the right – After recovery. 
Image Source: Instagram

If we over look to her surgical timeline then Kristen has done over 20 cosmetic procedures which includes two butt lifts.

Yes, she underwent two butt implants and made her buttocks twice as big as they wore and regardless of her family not being happy and supportive about it; she did what made her feel more confident. 

Facial Surgery – Rhinoplasties, Lip Suction, Cheek Implants 

‘Before’ and ‘After’ facial surgery looks.
Image Source: Metro 

As being obsessed on how she looks, Kristen underwent all the surgeries she can which included facial surgeries such as rhinoplasties – surgery place on the nose, as you can see her nose’s been slightly uplifted and some surgeries done on the nose. 

Other changes she did was cheek and forehead implants for a denser look. Among all, the most notable is her lip augmentation as her ‘upper’ and ‘below’ lips can be seen thick compared to the snaps. 

In the last nine years she underwent multiple glamour surgeries and we won’t say a word on it as Kristen did it to make her confident and importantly to get all negativity swirling around her head for her looks. Snider expressed,

After surgery, I was so happy that I actually cried. It made me realize that if you’re smart about how you do it, you really can have almost anything done and achieve whatever look you want.

However her parents seems worried about their daughter’s obsession to surgeries – frightened about the negative symptoms and effects the surgeries could cost her with!

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