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As we know that, it’s the 21st century, it’s starting a trend to get plastic surgeries by celebrities or stars all over the world. Looking at the pictures, we can see many people have got new faces with plastic surgeries.  

Despite the fact that not as open as Hollywood, Bollywood stars additionally tend to get the plastic surgery procedure technique to upgrade their looks. They have the same explanation since they want to look great and charming even their age is getting older. If you wonder about Bollywood stars who are considered to having plastic surgery, then there are many of them, but, Koena Mitra is one of whom. It’s not really surprising for us to know that she has undergone plastic surgery, as there are many celebrities who has already experienced it. 

Koena Mitra Plastic Surgery

That’s right, Koena Mitra is recognized as one of the delightful and sexy Indian actress, model and Beauty Queen who shows up in Bollywood films. 

Koena Mitra before and after plastic surgery
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Obviously her plastic surgery isn’t the most exceedingly terrible one. Her age is still 36 years, where she looks like a glamorous lady, but, plastic surgery is extremely tragic for her. Rather than looks great, numerous people put her name as one of the most exceedingly terrible plastic surgery results in Bollywood.  

Koena Mitra Plastic Surgery Before and After  

By looking at Indian model plastic surgery before and after, you will understand that this lady is extremely lovely. No big surprise she at that point chose as Top-12 Semifinalists of Miss Intercontinental Pageant in Germany. She was likewise one of the Indian models that ready to contend during the worldwide show. Everything appeared to be typical before she attempted to carry on with an actual existence like a celebrity.  

Koena Before & After Nose Job.
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It made her accomplishing something that would make her think twice about it for as long as she can remember, which is plastic surgery. Numerous people said that plastic surgery was a thing that destroyed her life and nearly finished her profession as an actress.  

Koena Mitra and Her Bizarre Nose Job  

The conspicuous and shocking plastic surgery method that can be seen all over her face is the odd nose work procedure. We surmise that this lady felt shaky about her nose that glanced greater before. That is the reason as she felt like a celebrity, she at that point put herself under the surgeon blade.  

Shockingly, her nose work technique didn’t function admirably. It appears that surgery for the nose work makes her nose getting unnaturally greater and bigger as though it could dissolve whenever. Rather than makes her show up progressively delightful, that squeezed nose is exacerbating her appearance than previously. It likewise makes her face looks so strange and she lost her wonderful looks instantly. It seems like she got a great loss in her entire life. 

If you watch closely towards Koena Mitra before and after plastic surgery pictures, you can clearly see some differences of having more than just nose jobs. There is a more possibility of her having lips augmentation and breast implants. Among all those procedures, breast implants are the only plastic surgery that gives her points of interest. It functioned admirably on her and many people also admired it. 

Plastic Surgeon can’t do Many Things Related to Mitra’s Nose Job 

The miserable news at that point conveyed by plastic surgeon experts that they can never really fix her nose. They said that the harm on her nose is a bit serious and they can’t do numerous things to bring it back. 

They even encourage Koena Mitra to pray so there is a wonder to improve her nose and recuperate from its more regrettable harm. 

Koena Mitra Admitted Undergoing Plastic Surgery

In spite of the fact that it is making her seem uglier, however, the participant of Big Boss season 13, Koena Mitra never attempts to hide that she got plastic surgery for the nose work. She stated- 

“After the surgery, my bones started swelling up. Even the doctors gave up and said that only medicine and prayers will work. I sat at home initially. But I could not take it anymore and started going out with that face of mine.” 

Bollywood actress is reported to get some revision procedures on her face. Despite the fact that it isn’t giving back her natural beauty, yet she presently shows up far superior to her previous plastic surgery. Infact, she looks gorgeous and charming before her plastic surgery, it’s a huge loss for herself and for her fans, that we can’t see the charming faces of her anymore.  

As many of us know that, plastic surgery has risk, it could improve somebody to show up as well as more regrettable. 

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