Monica Beets, a Canadian reality star from Gold Rush and daughter of Tony Beets

‘Gold Rush’ Star Monica Beets Biography

The Candian reality star Monica Beets widely famous as the cast of the Discovery reality series, Gold Rush, set herself an exemplary figure. She sought interest in the family business of gold mining from an early age- following her father, Tony Beets’ footsteps. By her mid-teens, Beets worked full-time alongside her legendary gold minder father, supervising mining operations.

In her 20s, in 2010, Monica and her family got broad exposure as TV personalities after they joined the Gold Rush; it is currently on its 12th season in 2021.

When & Where Was Monica Beets Born? Age and Height?

The youngest of 4 children to Gold Rush stars Tony Beets and Minne, Monica was born on November 7, 1993, in Dawson City, Canada. The Canadian TV figure grew up with her siblings: Kevin, Mike, and Bianca; moreover, she had an elder sister named Jasmine, who died at two and a half months old in 1992. As for a fact, all of the Beets family members are into the gold mining business; they appear on Gold Rush.

Monica Beets with her elder brother and parents
Monica Beets with her elder brother and parents
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A Canadian by nationality, Beets comes from a white ethnic background. As of 2021, Monica is 28 years old and stands 5 feet 4 inches tall. The Dawson City native attended school in her hometown, but no confirmation about her college enrollment is out.

Got Hands In Gold Mining Since 10- Why Is She Famous?

While many youngsters dream of extraordinary ambitions for the future, it seems the reality star Monica kept it pretty simple. By the time she turned 10, Beets was assisting in the family business of gold mining- none thought her passion would turn into a profession someday.

Having learned to operate heavy machines by her early teens, she began working full-time with her father at 16. And by 18, the Canadian TV personality & gold mining was a supervisor for Beets crew at Paradise Hill.

The further acclaim came when then-21 years old Monica and her family members were cast of Gold Rush in 2010. The Discovery reality series showcased the gold-mining effort and challenges in the work of different families in the business.

Gold Rush star Beets with her gold-mining crew
Gold Rush star Beets with her gold-mining crew
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The show went by Gold Rush: Alaska in Season 1 and later changed to Gold Rush, with already 11 season completion. The 12th season premiered on September 24, 2021. The reality series stars Rick Ness, Parker Schnabel, Roger Schnabel, Fred Dodge, and Chris Doumitt.

During Season 8 (in 2017), the Beets crew mined 3,659 ounces at Eureka Creek with a value of $4.39 million; they fell nearly $3 million short of season-highest miner Schnabel’s crew with $7.5 million.

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Net Worth Of Monica Beets In 2021

The Gold Rush star has been in the TV industry for more than a decade; along with notable fame, she summed up a considerable sum of money. As of 2021, Monica Beets has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Most of her fortune came through her venture in gold mining; since 2010, the Canadian TV figure stars in the Discovery series Gold Rush.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Beets’ father Tony, a veteran gold-miner & owner of Tamarack Mine, is worth $18 million currently. Reportedly, he earns $25,000 per episode from Gold Rush, so the wide guesses are Monic does make in the 5-digit figure salary per episode as well. From each season of the show, she takes home an assumed $200,000.

Reportedly, Tony Beets paid $1 million for a dredge in Clear Creek during Season 5 of the reality TV series.

Comparatively, other casts of Gold Rush do own the tag of a millionaire as well; Parker Schnabel ($8 million), Todd Hoffman ($7 million), and Dave Turin ($2 million).

Who Is Monica Beets In Relationship With? Is She Married?

Yes, the reality star currently in her late 20s is married. She lives in Canada with her husband, Taylor Mayes. Although she kept her dating story details with Mayes low-key, the two had a flashy wedding. The couple married on August 11, 2018, in Dawson City.

The ceremony chronicled a year later, in mid-January 2019, on Discover’s YouTube channel with a video titled “Monica Beets’ Wedding | Gold Rush.” In the floral themed-wedding, Tony walked his daughter Monica down the aisle as she and Taylor exchanged “I dos”; the Candian TV figure bridie wore a floral gown while her beau donned a black tuxedo.

Canadian reality star Monica Beets and her husband Taylor; they married in 2018
Canadian reality star Monica Beets and her husband Taylor; married in 2018
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Together, Beets and Mayes are yet to share children. But they do own a pet dog named Doyle since 2013. An avid Instagram user (@monicabeets) with 90.5K followers, Monica seldom shares pictures with her husband on the platform. Instead, her IG posts are full of family moments with her parents & update from the gold-mining site.

Before her marriage, the Gold Rush: The Dirt cast had a rumored relationship with one of her crewmates Brandon Harper, but they broke up shortly. Although Beets was reportedly the crush of Park Schnabel, a fellow Gold Rush cast, their romance never bloomed.

The green-eyes blonde is active on Twitter (@monicabeets); joined in December 2009 & has more than 44.5K followers.

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