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Former Child Actor Ashley Olsen-Her Beauty Evolution And Plastic Surgery Analysis

Ashley Olsen is widely popular for portraying Michelle Tanner, sharing the role with her twin sister Mary- Kate Olsen, in the television series Full House.

The twins were the sensation back in the days. However, both the sisters have opted out of acting for a long time.

Currently, the Council Of Fashion Designers Of America Award-winning Olsen is a fashion designer. She and her twin sister create fashion brands that have sold worldwide.

Both sisters co-founded luxury brand The Row, lifestyle brand Elizabeth and James, and more affordable fashion lines Olsenboye and StyleMint. Also, they are members of the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Plastic surgery rumors have surrounded Fashionista Olsen for a long time. Has Ashley Olsen truly undergone any procedures? If yes, what are they? Let’s find out.

Ashley Olsen-Plastic Surgery Analysis

Numerous people and experts revealed that the actress cum fashion designer Ashley had undergone a few plastic surgery treatments over the years.

While Ashley Olsen stays quiet about the matter, audiences have made a few assumptions regarding her new looks.

Also her twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen is also rumored to have plastic surgery-read the full story.

Lip Filler

According to the sources, the Full House alum started getting lip filler on her upper and lower lips in 2004.

Source: YouTube @Lorry Hill
Ashley Olsen’s lips now

The process is injecting a hyaluronic acid dermal filler into the lips to increase their volume and improve their appearance.

It can cost about $775 on average.

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The 36-year-old fashion designer Olsen is rumored to have rhinoplasty or a nose job. While comparing her before and after pictures, her nose looks noticeably different.

Source: YouTube @Lorry Hill
Ashley Olsen nose before and after surgery

Her nose was very much reshaped; it is currently a lot straight on the nasal bridge. Her nose tip and nostril likewise changed.

An average rhinoplasty cost is $5,483 in the United States.

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Cheek Filler

Cheek Filler is to correct facial wrinkles and skin folds. It also helps increase the fullness of the cheeks.

As per the sources, some cheek fillers can last a year while others can last 2 to 5 years.

Source: YouTube @Lorry Hill
Ashley Olsen cheek before and after surgery

The average cost for the procedure is $2,600, but it can be as high as $4k.

Buccal Fat Removal

Some netizens believe that the Full House alum Olsen had buccal fat removal around 2011.

She always had a baby face, which the former actress was not fond of. So, this procedure made her cheekbones stand out more, making her look older by about five years.

Source: YouTube @Lorry Hill
Ashley Olsen before and after

The procedure helps remove buccal fat pads from the cheeks to create a more contoured appearance. It can cost nearly $2000 to $5000 on average.

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Ashley has probably gotten regular Botox throughout the years, which is pretty easy to tell from her smooth and unwrinkled skin.

Source: Instagram @ashleyolsens
Ashley’s unwrinkled and smooth glowy face

Botox injections are used to reduce facial wrinkles and are also used to treat neck spasms, lazy eyes, and excessive sweating.

The procedures last between three and six months. It is measured in units and can cost around $10 to $15 per unit. An average dosage is 30-40 units, costing about $300 to $600.

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