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For Vanessa Hudgens, Plastic Surgery Isn’t Such a Bad Thing

How loyal you have been for Disney stars from around a decade ago matters when their discussions come up every now and then. And if that’s changed, there’s no reason for them to care one bit about these the likes of you.

For Vanessa Hudgens, despite High School Musical being mocked in the past, she’s still become one of the most adored Disney stars now still. And looking as natural as she can be has been one of the prominent reasons why. Still, it doesn’t take anything to spark up rumors of cosmetic enhancements about her.

And further still, there’s no reason why she can’t just dump all the rumors down the shredding machine. She has, at times, discussed the plastic surgery subject, giving her views and why it’s become a kind of a necessity in the world right now, not just in the industry.

Vanessa Hudgens Summarized Plastic Surgery for Her in One Sentence

There’s been many before and after comparisons for Vanessa Hudgens as claims for plastic surgery with no real assumptions of going under the knife. But that’s just how it is. There’s nothing there, and just for the sake of it, some people have to mention plastic surgery.

She hasn’t changed much, has she?
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The 31-year-old cleared the air about if she had plastic surgery or not and if she will ever plan for it during the end of her plastic surgery answer with an Us Weekly reporter just before turning 30. “I don’t think it’s a bad thing, [but] I don’t think it’s necessarily for me at this point of my life,” meaning she hasn’t had it yet, but the might come a time she will choose to.

How the conversation started was with the Us Weekly reporter telling her she didn’t need to consider surgery as there was a little rumor going that she didn’t want to have to start thinking about surgery when turning 30.

She went on to discuss a whole thing about how plastic surgery has not been limited to the acting industry only for a long, long time. “It’s not just my industry, it’s in the world right now girl. That is America. That is the social landscape that we’re in,” she told the reporter. “Some cultures put giant plates in their lip, other cultures shove bones through their noses and right now the way that America perceives beauty at times is related to plastic surgery.”

For now, focus on health, fitness and mental balance with physical health has been a top priority, but self-reflection above all.

Dr. Michael Jazayeri Believes Her Comments Highlight Growing Acceptance of Plastic Surgery

The whole point of Hudgens’ remarks on plastic surgery in the earlier conversation was to make sure people know it is a way one can feel better about themselves even outside the entertainment industry. And Orange County-based cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Michael Jazayeri, believes she is one of the many celebrities and common people alike not revolting against the topic despite not going under the knife for themselves.

Guess when. Well, there you go.
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An article by Business Insider‘s Markets section mentions how plastic surgery does require a highly qualified board-certified plastic surgeon, the option is not necessarily reserved for the elite and professional in show business. And many men and women considering it for the first time remain stunned by the extent of possibilities beyond just nose job, lips & cheek fillers, breast augmentation and such commonly observed operations.

For now, Hudgens wouldn’t be needing it as much. Because well, “I’m pretty flexible. My practice is pretty strong.”

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