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Fans Allege Vaani Kapoor of Multiple Plastic Surgeries, But the Actress Denies

Here’s what you should know about Vaani Kapoor’s plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements.

Well, this is the topic we tend to avoid quite a bit, but since you, lovely readers, wanted to dive into this part of the showbiz (Bollywood) and know if Vaani Kapoor, who is an Indian actress, has had any plastic surgery. 

We will know just that in a moment, so if you just popped in here to know If Vaani has had any procedures done, but don’t know the actress that well, let us help you with. 

So, Vaani, as you already know, is an Indian actress who is known for her role in a critical and commercial success movie, ‘Shudh Desi Romance,’ and the actress bagged the ‘Filmfare Award for the Best Female Debut.’ Quite an opening there! 

So, after Shuddh Desi Romance (Is it just us or the title is a ‘tongue twister’) Anyway, moving back to the point; Following Vaani’s hugely successful opening from her debut movie, she has starred in romantic comedies like ‘Aaha Kalyanam’ in 2014, and ‘Befikre’ in 2016.

Both of the movies did not do that well on the box office; however, Vaani get to attract a lot of attention from fans, but this time they were mostly the negatives, and we are not talking about her acting skills or performances on the movies. Still, she was heavily criticized for her plastic surgery. 

But did Vaani Kapoor really go under the knife? Why did the rumors start to make their rounds? Well’ let’s figure out just that here.

Vaani Kapoor’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

So, when two of the movies came out (‘Aaha Kalyanam’ and ‘Befikre’), and it was the latter which attracted the most negative attention. So, when people came out of the theatres after watching romcom, Befikre, they straight away started pointing out the changes on the actress.

Photo Source: SpotBoye

So, it’s not based on any reliable sources, nor does it comes from any experts, but fans. And believe us, Indian fans are crazy about their celebrities, and they will notice the slightest of changes. So, according to fans, Vaani Kapoor has had multiple plastic surgeries done.

Fans and some critics suspect Vaani Kapoor has gone under the knife for correcting her nose and chin. And if we compare two pictures from her first and latest movie, the changes are evident. Vaani allegedly has had a nose and chin jobs. Her new nose looks trimmer from the bridge and narrowed down from nostrils.

While her chin, it’s really hard to notice the subtle changes she did on her chin, but her new chin is more defined, giving a more symmetrical look to her face. We must say, it’s a job well done, but fans beg to differ. They were, not at all, happy with the changes. We almost forgot this, the lips! They were changed too.

Fans took to Twitter to vent their disapproval, as one wrote, “Donald Duck died of shame today on seeing Vaani Kapoor’s horrendous lip job.” While another user wrote, “Just watched Befikre, Vaani Kapoor’s lip or chin job – bad, [Ranveer Singh] – Yumm.”

What Did Vaani Kapoor Say About All the Plastic Surgery Rumors?

As expected, Vaani Kapoor denied all the plastic surgery allegations, despite the evident changes and claims from critics and fans, Vaani declined she ever went under the knife.

On her interview with one of the Indian media outlets, Mid-Day, the actress said, “I have lost weight; my face is bound to look different. We shot in Paris when it was freezing; the cameras keep zooming in and out. The face looks different from different angles.”

Photo Source: Pinterest User

Vaani further added, “I can’t afford surgery; I am only one-film old.” Well, that’s a lie tho! Anyway, we are not here to judge you, Vaani; You look stunningly beautiful with whatever you do. And even if you had had plastic surgery, we wouldn’t judge.

In fact, we couldn’t stress this enough; every woman has the right to look and feel beautiful inside – out. If plastic surgery helps them get the confidence they need, then why not! The same is the makeup too. 

Lastly, to all the lovely ladies out there, stay beautiful!

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