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Experts Have Opinions on Lauren Bushnell-Lane’s Plastic Surgery

It’s been just over three years since The Bachelor duo Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell broke up. And Bushnell recently revealed why they really broke up. For some reason, the joy their relationship gave them early on just faded away.

Higgins proposed Chris Lane‘s now-wife Bushnell in Season 20 of The Bachelor not once but two times, both of which he received a yes from her. Progressively becoming a fan-favorite couple, the two went on to star in their own reality TV show, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? They really thought they would walk the extra mile, but they called it quits in May 2017, a year and a half after they got engaged.

And through those times, there have been a lot of comments on her plastic surgery aspect. But despite never having admitted or said anything to those accusations in the comments, there’s not much to go on with the rumors. With no proof, they’ll only be rumors.

Lauren Bushnell Was Bombarded with Plastic Surgery Comments in Early 2017

Sure, Lauren Bushnell posts a lot of attractive selfies on her Instagram and Snapchat pages. And since getting that The Bachelor fame, there hasn’t been a lack of comments stating she’s got plastic surgery since back then.

There were a lot of requests for makeup tutorials in those days.
Photo Source: Laura Bushnell Lane, Instagram

One particular raging discussion was in a now-deleted January 2017 photo of the pair from a basketball game, with the caption, “Love and basketball.” Comments came pouring in like, “I think she has the same plastic surgeon as Kylie Jenner.”

“You didn’t need to get your cheeks and lips done! You were beautiful before,” another wrote. A lot of them also praised her for good contouring and makeup for her changing appearance, although baseless on contouring.

However, many did come her aid to shut down those comments, “Wow. What a bunch of mean & jealous women making comments.” But by far the best defense was from her BFF, Whitney Young.

This is what best friends are for.
Photo Credit: Phillip Faraone, Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret

She went off on the haters, writing, “I absolutely cannot imagine commenting on someone’s picture about how they look. In this time where women all over are supposedly coming together to fight for women, there are girls on here with nothing better to do than spread hate. YOU are the bully this world doesn’t need. YOU are the problem. GET OFF INSTAGRAM AND GO FIND A HOBBY.”

Still, the lip and cheeks filler rumors did not stop happening, so much so that some sites consulted the plastic surgery experts to give people what “might be” happening.

Two Doctors Say He Likely Had Lip Filler, Botox and Contouring

The rumors were coming up, again and again, all the way to the split of Bushnell & Higgins and afterward. This prompted InTouch Weekly to reach out to board-certified plastic surgeons to show what they have to say for the rumors and signs.

Fast forward to today, her lips haven’t changed at all from the before photo.
Photo Source: R/R, Getty Images

According to the gossip site, Dr. Andrew Miller, a board-certified surgeon, claimed the beauty seems to have gotten lip filler and Botox. Meanwhile, double-board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Capizzi believed she might have gotten jawline contouring as well as Rhinoplasty to narrow the tip of her nose. Neither of them treated Bushnell.

There was also the additional speculation of cheek fillers and eyebrow lift. But as said, there has been no receipt of some kind to prove she’s had any of those claimed surgeries. The only thing you can do is enjoy seeing her enjoying her life.

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