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Experts Believe Linda Evangelista Benefits From Botox and Good Skincare Regime But Plastic Surgery

Find out about Linda Evangelista’s plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements.

Linda Evangelista is a Canadian supermodel from the 90s. Linda is featured on more than 700 magazine cover, following which she is considered one of the most accomplished and influential models of all time.

The model started her career in 1984 following her contract with Elite Model Management when she moved to New York from her home country. Linda is dubbed one of the most famous women in the world during the late 80s and throughout the 90s. 

So, with so much popularity, people will notice a tiniest bit of change on the person. Something similar happened to Linda as well. Though she has always been beautiful, the supermodel shocked the world with her new look in 2014.

While this time, people were more shocked than amazed by her look. What happened to Evangelista? let’s find out.

Linda Evangelista’s Plastic Surgery or Other Cosmetic Procedure That Shocked the World

Experts believe the supermodel used too much Botox and fats.
Photo Source: Agency/GF

Back in 2014, Radar Online reported about the changed look of the supermodel. The media outlet detailed Linda’s nearly looked unrecognizable face while she strolled on the streets of New York City. The model walked makeup-free, with her face looking like plastic.

So the media outlet went on to ask the experts about Evangelista’s possible procedures, and one of the prominent plastic surgeons, Dr. Anthony Youn, claimed her changed face could be the result of fat injections and Botox.

What Experts Say?

Dr. Anthony said, “The supermodel’s face looks super plumped up. I suspect that she’s had some injections of fat into her cheeks, causing them to look puffy like they do.”

The doctor further added, “It also appears that she may have some Botox in her forehead, helping her keep the arched eyebrows that are her calling card. I also suspect that she may have had some injections of filler like Restylane into her smile lines, causing them to be a bit blunted. Overall, it’s hard to recognize her now.”

Linda Evangelista looks a far cry from her modeling days.
Photo Source: Daily Mail

Another New York Based plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew Schulman,had a different view following Evangelista’s procedures. 

On his talk with Radar, Dr. Schulman said, “Linda looks remarkable for an almost-fifty-year-old. Her skin is tight, smooth, and flawless. She has admitted to Botox in the past, but nothing surgical.”

Schulman further added, “I cannot say that her face looks surgically-enhanced. She has likely benefited from a good skincare regimen, regular Botox, and probably an occasional chemical peel or some fillers. Add into the mix some great genetics, and you probably have the reason why she continues to look amazing.”

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