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Every Details You Need To Know Of Marlo Thomas’ Plastic Surgery (Before and After Pics)

Plastic surgery is not new in the entertainment world; the internal or external pressure of looking beautiful can push some on edge.

Legendary actress, producer, author, and social activist Margaret Julia “Marlo” Thomas is definitely among the ones who went a bit farther regarding plastic surgery.

The actress is believed to have done cosmetic surgery, including facelift, Botox, nose job, eyebrow lift, facelift, filler injections, and lip surgery.

With that many procedures, Marlo looks almost unrecognizable from her past self. Let’s compare her before and after pictures here.

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery – Face Lift And Botox

The American actress was born on November 21, 1937, and is now in her early eighties. Even in that old age, she doesn’t have wrinkles and an aged appearance compared to a normal person.

The actress has admitted to having done a facelift and Botox Injection. The That Girl star attempted to get younger through these methods. Also, the surgery has successfully eradicated aging signs like wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Source: YouTube
Marlo Thomas before and after pics-face life and Botox

A facelift is a surgical procedure that improves signs of aging by removing fat tissue, skin or muscle.

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It lasts for about ten years if done properly and can cost $8,005, according to the most recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Source: YouTube
Marlo Thomas then and now pics-plastic surgery analysis

Botox is a similar procedure; it helps someone reduce skin wrinkles and look much younger.

The procedure lasts for 3 to 4 months and can cost $10 to $15 per unit. An average dosage is 30-40 units, costing around $300 to $600.

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Marlo Thomas-Nose Job, Lips Filler And Brow Lift

Another surgical procedure that the actress went for was Nose Job. Her nose seems much different than she had. We provide you with a picture to distinguish:

Marlo Thomas before and after rhinoplasty
Image Source: YouTube

Although she tried her best to improve her nose, the treatment did not go well. Her recent picture clearly shows her nose’s right side is slightly corked.

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The social activist has also done lips augmentation and brow lift. Sadly, all the procedures made her almost unrecognizable.

Source: YouTube
Marlo Thomas plastic surgery-Nose Job, Lips Filler And Brow Lift

Thomas also revealed having regrets for not letting her face grow naturally.

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Marlo Thomas B**b Job

The actress from the popular sitcom “That Girl” is also surrounded by the rumors of br**st implantation. She may have done it to look even se**er and young.

Source: YouTube
Marlo Thomas is rumored of having br**st implantation

However, Marlo has denied the allegation in recent rumors.

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