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Emily Maynard’s Plastic Surgery Isn’t What Found Her a Happy Ending with Tyler Johnson

Emily Maynard has a face that’s defined somewhat by the ‘Divine Ratio’ or ‘The Phi Ratio’, apparently. But while she’s considered “amazing” and “gorgeous” (by her The Bachelorette suitors), some friends and people who got close to her have some things to declare.

The Bachelor Nation was introduced to Maynard in 2010 when she was introduced as one of the suitors for Brad Womack in the 15th season on ‘The Bachelor’ in 2011. She did go on to win the ring though, and it seems she had quite a backstory.

The engagement didn’t last though by the time the finale really aired, and she’s stirring up the news section again by taking a lot of blame for the failed thing with Womack. And her stint as The Bachelorette in the eighth season [2012] wasn’t as successful either. Her engagement with the winner Jef Holm abruptly ended in October 2012.

Emily Maynard Was Said to Have Vamped Up with Plastic Surgery Before & for ‘The Bachelor’

Sure, there’s no denying Emily Maynard got plastic surgery way before she was seen among the Bachelor Nation. But there were many theories as to why she first decided to enhance cosmetically at all. The most popular one was to make herself look more appealing to find a “hot husband”.

Just looking for love, and possibly a father-figure to her daughter.
Photo Credit: Craig Sjodin, Walt Disney Television

Us Weekly claimed Maynard already had breast implants, veneers and even maybe a nose job before 2010, the year The Bachelor Season 15 was filmed. And their source said it was because she was tormented in school due to the results of Bell’s palsy she developed as a teen. It effectively caused her to develop aesthetic insecurities.

The nerve disorder left “the right side of her face paralyzed for a few months,” the insider told Us Weekly. “She was tormented in school.” But another source, Womack’s friend who met her while they were engaged, thought she took it a bit too far. “Her expressions seem kind of frozen. It looks like Botox.”

Using Dead Fiance’s Settlement Money for Cosmetic Enhancements to Cope with Panic and Insecurity

Please don’t make it as horrible as it sounds. She was already introduced as a single mom. So sure, she was looking for someone to settle down with. And there seems to have been quite the backstory of her to make her eager to find someone pronto.

Despite augmentation, her breasts were not small, to begin with.
Photo Source: Splash News

However, the alternative to the earlier reason of sprucing up her appearance with plastic surgery for The Bachelor was the aftermath of her former fiance’s death she was left pregnant with. According to another insider, she apparently panicked about “being single for the rest of her life and her daughter never having a father.”

Maynard was in the senior year of Key West High School in 2004 when she was engaged to NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick at 18. Hendrick died in a plane crash later that year, only a few days after which she found out she was pregnant with her first child, daughter Ricki.

Not so subtle though.
Photo Credits: Seth Poppel, Yearbook Library / Mike Lawrie, Getty Images for Benefit Cosmetics

The 34-year-old received financial support from Hendrick’s wealthy parents and continued to receive it for an unknown amount of time. With some first of the amount she received, she got a nose job and breast augmentation (34B to a 36D), the insider said in a 2012 issue of Reality Weekly, via Starcasm.

“Emily had a few surgeries before The Bachelorette. But now that she is in the spotlight, she visits her doctor regularly,” the insider said, adding she is “wracked with insecurities and secretly hooked on plastic surgery!”

Emily Maynard is the type of woman who’s not fond of bikinis after all these years.
Photo Credit: James Devaney, GC Images

Additionally, she was said to have had light facials, Botox and that she is even “considering getting some lipo”, panicking “when she has to be in a bikini on camera.” The nose job was subtle, apparently.

The two reasons seem like almost the same thing. But her panic after suddenly finding out about her pregnancy at such a young age is understandable. Coupled with the insecurity she had with Bell’s palsy did have an impact on her plastic surgery decisions.

She also sparked fear among her fans later in November 2012 when she was photographed walking out of a plastic surgery office in North Carolina. But she later reassured it was not for the reason everyone speculated, tweeting, “Its ok.. But its definitely a sad day for America when me getting a facial makes any kind of news.”

It’s not what you think.
Photo Credit: Aaron St. Clair, Splash News

All the Prince Charming hunt ended for her though. But it was not reality TV that got her to husband Tyler Johnson though. She’d apparently met Johnson before she ever was in The Bachelor, having met at church. But she says, funnily enough, he wanted nothing to do with her back then.

Like some classic stories, a love-hate relationship turned into something beautiful some years back, and after the failure to find love on TV. Now, the two are married since 2014 and have three kids together, aside from Ricki. All three of them are boys — Jennings, 5; Gibson, 4; and Gatlin, 2.

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