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Drake’s Baby Mama Sophia Brussaux Suspected of Plastic Surgery When Going Blonde, Twice

How come every time Sophie Brussaux is associated with a “blonde” hair, there’s an immediate discussion about her getting plastic surgery? Well, we’ll concede the discussion on her recent photo didn’t really relate the blonde hair to plastic surgery.

Anyway, you all know Sophie Brussaux. No, no, not from the days of her former profession. Brussaux is known for her association with rapper Drake as the baby mama of his only son, Adonis. The child’s parents were not together when he was conceived, though.

Drake is keeping by his determination to father Adonis nonetheless. Brussaux, meanwhile, is now an artist, successful worldwide, and the founder and artistic director of Arts Help.

Fans Believe Sophie Brussaux Had a Nose Job Recently, Discussed in Her Blonde Photo

The French artist recently posted a photo from a session on Instagram where she went blonde, or just dyed her hair temporarily blonde. Not many loved the idea though. “No go brunette again,” one answered her question in the caption, “Blonde?”. It’s one of many in the comments, of course.

Blonde, not a popular opinion among the fans.
Photo Source: Sophie Brussaux, Instagram

And sure, that’s not the only thing fans talked about there. The first one wrote, “look like her nose got done”. Another one asked, “Did you get your nose done?”

“Looks like she shaved down her chin or something and got a nose job,” one user elaborated, noting how haters used to bring her down for her looks. “That hair isn’t as good look but I guess her cosmetic work looks good. She probably felt like she needed it.”

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She doesn’t feel like answering to those inane questions though. And this was not the first time there has been a keen interest in whether she’s had plastic surgery or not either.

Brussaux Photoshopped Her & Drake’s Hair Blonde to Match Their Son’s Hair

It’s weird how Adonis doesn’t bring the looks of his father or her mother, however cute he is. And Brussaux full well knows how people perceived the fact when Drake shared the first glimpses of him on social media in late March 2020. So, Brussaux did the same, sharing a string on photos of their son but with one little tweak in one of those.

Adonis has blonde curly hair if you’ve noticed it by now. That may also be one of the reasons she asked her fans if she should go blonde too. And sure, he may have gotten the curls from his father. Brussaux photoshopped her own hair blonde as well as Drakes, who looked like a mixed version of past and present Eminem, to match to their son.

When she was pregnant with Adonis though, he had other decisions.

Photo Source: Sophie Brussaux, Instagram
The fans found it hilarious of course, and why not. But when that happened, there was a sudden interest among the public about whether she’s gotten plastic surgery or not. Although, the interest was not among her social media followers.

There is also one more thing related to plastic surgery to know about. Drake himself was slapped with rumors of going under the knife for the sake of abs when he posted a shirtless photo of himself in a hotel balcony in May 2019, particularly from the DJ Carnage.

He did fire back at it though, stating, “Is this cause you are angry about the one thing that happened with that one person the other day that you thought was your wifey.”

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