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Dove Cameron’s Plastic Surgery: Did She Go Under the Knife?

Dove Cameron is an American actress and singer who garnered lots of attention for both her acting skills and singing ability. The actress has always been the topic of gossips for many people for her enchanting beauty and charming personality. Although the actress is naturally beautiful, many assume that she has gone under the knife to garnish her beauty. But is it true?

Cameron is currently working at the height of her career. At this moment, many celebrities try to improve their body beyond make-up with plastic surgeries. In our case, Dove is also rumored for doing nose jobs, lip fill-ups, and breast implants.

Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery – Did She Get a Nose Job?

Dove Cameron started her career in 2007; however, she made her breakthrough only in 2012. Following this, the actress garnered lots of stardom, which helped her to grow both economically and personally. 

In 2016, Cameron first started to hit the news for the significant change on her nose. While attending an event, her nose (which was thicker and used to have a bump at the bottom), looked more pointed and compressed that before. Here take a look.

Dove Cameron’s picture before(left) and after(right) the possible nose surgery.
Source: The Wrap/ The Skincare Edit

In a similar context, it looks like she has also added a dabbing shine on the tip of her nose. Besides, for a celebrity with a net worth of $3 million, it’s not a big deal to follow the trend of plastic surgeries.

Dove Cameron Lip Surgery

At the first glance, Dove’s lips won’t appear to be different from before. But the actress has surely made a change on her lower lips. Take a look at the before and after picture of the actress.

Dove Cameron’s picture showing difference between her lips.
Source: Teen Idols 4 You/ Pinterest 

As you can see, her lower lips are puffy on the sides than before. Also, take a look at the dips on the middle of her lower lips. Did you saw that? Well, we’ll let you do calculations!

Has She Done Breast Implants?

From time to time, many celebrities follow the trend to enlarge their breast size as it looks more appealing and desirable to the audience. Talking about that, Dave is also rumored to have done breast implants.

Picture of Dove Cameron’s breast size before and after.
Source: Wattpad/ Pinterest

Although many people undergo vast differences in their body while growing up due to many hormones, Cameron’s chest look more than natural. Arguably, her breast looks larger in size than before.

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