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Did ‘Too Hot to Handle’s Haley Cureton Get Plastic Surgery?

Y’all remember such a drama that was Too Hot to Handle on Netflix, right? Plastic surgery has been a topic not to avoid in the entirety of the reality show, with Francesca Farago coming out to settle every little procedure she had and Haley Cureton promising she would get a nose job if she wins.

Sure, Cureton did not grab the $100,000 prize for the lack of trying, but is it not right to question if she’s already had some surgeries. That was what fans were wondering when the reunion came around in May, and she was there to talk too.

Of course, although she was there with her assets, there already was discussions of possible plastic surgery on her with her Instagram photos to show for the argument. Well, she has yet to respond to the discussion, but considering Farago was her best friend on the show, it’s not impossible to ignore what she may have had.

Haley Cureton Promises to Get a Nose Job Once ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Is Over

Haley Cureton is considered to be more of a reality star as the definition says so. Well, with that eventful night she & Farago secretly making out and “Lana” ratting them out. And with that college sorority kick-out.

Plastic surgery samesies, perhaps?
Photo Source: Splash News

In the first episode of the dating reality show, Cureton was eager to win the $100,000 prize so that she could have a nose job once she wins. And despite sounding so enthusiastic about it, it seems she lost her enthusiasm for a nose job halfway to the show.

“I’m gonna make sure I get my money,” she said when learning of the prize. 
“I’m gonna get my nose job, get my credit card bill paid off. No more debt for me.”

Cureton was then kicked out from Too Hot to Handle for having a bad attitude with the other contestants. And she didn’t really mind, considering she wanted an elimination ceremony for herself too. So much for that nose job.

A Possible Breast Augmentation Too Hard to Ignore, Like, At All

When Cureton first appeared on Too Hot to Handle, you can’t ignore the fact that you may have thought she’s had some serious work done on herself, unlike all the times other celebrities were concerned. Because these changes in Cureton is too obvious to ignore.

The first thing you laid your eyes on!
Photo Source: Haley Cureton, Instagram

In almost all of the Instagram photos, she flaunts her body, baring her chest area a little too much for someone with plastic surgery done. And the feature is not so natural at all. A lot of viewers have agreed to breast augmentation being a no-brainer for her like Farago.

And there’s one more thing that she’s supposed to have had. One fan remarked Cureton surely had lip fillers.

Of course, her initial commitment to get a nose job does very well mean she’s already had experiences of going under the knife. And with that face, she’s very well may have gotten more prior to the show and after the show.

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