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Did Tanya Tucker Underwent Plastic Surgery?- Know About It!

America is home to various genres of music; whether you are talking about jazz, rock, hip-hop, R&B, pop, you name it, the US has it all. As such, one of the popular in the 20th century was country music. During its peak popularity, many legendary singers like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline, and others of that genre still has significant influences on singers.

Among such prominent figures, one such singer is Tanya Tucker. She’s had numerous chart-topping songs and albums in her distinguished career and recently even winning the coveted Grammy Awards twice. Few could match what she’s achieved in her career. 

But no matter how successful one’s life might be, everyone has their high and low, and it is the same for celebrities. As for Tanya Tucker, one of the hardest moments she had to go through was when she suffered a frightening accident in the late 2000s. 

But during her usual skincare treatment turned out to be a complete disaster. So, what happened? 

Skin Treatment Went Wrong

As age was catching up with Tanya Tucker, she had a facelift on her face and breast implants to look young and beautiful. 

One of the most asked questions about the country musician is whether she has ever gone under the knife to look pretty. Well, she once had gone to the plastic surgeon for a facelift to remove the wrinkles and have breast implants, but it is not sure if she went for one.

Tanya Tucker may have had a breast implant surgery.
Source: Ayyy!

However, while undergoing a routine non-surgical facial treatment in 2008 almost proved fatal. What was thought of a standard routine face peel procedure went horribly wrong, and it changed her life forever. 

While speaking in an interview, the Delta Dwan singer recalled about the incident, 

She said: 

“I wanted to get a chemical peel on my face. It’s a normal [procedure]; it’s not even a hospital stay. They caught the laser on fire with the oxygen… the only thing I remember hearing is, ‘Get the ambulance, we’ve got a fire.’ [I had] second and third-degree burns from here down on my face, and then the flames went up into my nose and down into my lungs.” 

The singer says the incident also changed her voice, which affected her career a great deal.

She said:

“It definitely changed my voice… I can tell because I’m a singer. I know how I sound, how I feel when I’m singing. It was the worst thing… I was just saying, ‘God, why me?'”

The experience devastated her and a huge impact not only her career but also her life, and it would no doubt break many strong-hearted people on their knees as well

Country singer Tanya Tucker pictures of then (left) and now (right).
Source: Pinterest

But she says she finally found her faith in Buddhism, which she credits with helping her to deal with the trauma effectively.

Tanya told: 

“That’s probably what helped me the most. I went to a monastery right outside of Aspen. I went, really, for a friend… she had gone to this monastery where there’s 20 monks, right outside of Aspen. And I really connected with it. When you have 20 women praying, laying their hands on you, and saying prayers for you, it’s pretty powerful. Very powerful. I found some sort of a strength there, and I’m going back again this year.”

To the big sigh of relief to her supportive fans, she came back for good. 

Tany Tucker Has Three Children 

Tanya Tucker is currently dating singer Craig Dillingham. She’s had flings with many men but never married in her life. 

Though the multi-millionaire artist has never walked down the aisle, she has three kids from her past romances. The “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane” singer’s two children, daughter Presley Tanita Tucker (Born on July 5, 1989) and son Beau Grayson Tucker (born on October 02, 1991) were born when she was in a romance with her former beau actor Ben Reed.

Tanya Tucker with her three kids, Presley Tanita Tucker, Beau Grayson Tucker, and Layla LaCosta Laseter.

On June 25, 1999, when she was in an on and off relationship with musician Jerry Laseter, she gave birth to her youngest daughter Layla LaCosta Laseter.

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