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Did Rosanna Pansino Ever Get Plastic Surgery? She Doesn’t Think So

Don’t know if Rosanna Pansino is considered an OG in the YouTube industry, but her presence for a decade in the platform has made her beauty evolution as apparent as it can be.

Pansino is a baker, and even though her early days were much livelier than her recent years, she’s tried bringing it back up with videos that categorize to more than baking. As is the popular notion, OGs are finding it hard to sustain their subscriber-count.

She still has over 13 million fans on her channel, and by no means is it getting bleak for her. Either way, she’s still there. And there has been, sort of, a general wonderment (yeah, that word) about her looks, here and there of course. But she has her answers to the accusations.

Rosanna Pansino Gives Stark Talk-down to Her Plastic Surgery Accuser on Twitter

For forums, gossip portal and whatnot, plastic surgery is always the topic to put their rants on and run speculative columns on any celebrity. And Rosanna Pansino has been under the radar a number of times. And when one Twitter user took it a step further, she came to her own defense, not that her fans thought she needed to.

No, not a recent picture. It’s from 2010.
Photo Credit: Angela Weiss, Getty Images for Pantages Theatre

Have never had plastic surgery on my face,” she responded to a now-deleted tweet back in October 2019. “Not that there is anything wrong with having work done 🤷🏼‍♀️.” The fans had her back, telling her she didn’t need to defend herself.

That still doesn’t stop the rumors to continue though. Reddit users often prop up discussions of that topic with other users claiming she’s had her lips done.

She Did Have One Other Kind of Surgery Though

She earns millions per year from YouTube, but she was not using some of it in plastic surgery. But back in October 2018, she announced on Twitter that she’d decided to freeze her eggs. She’d had support from some fans, but others were wondering why she decided to do that in the first place.

“I finally decided to freeze my eggs. I have been on hormones and daily injections for 5 weeks,” the YouTuber wrote in the announcement tweet. “I’m really excited but also nervous.”

Watch: The Aftermath of the Surgery, Not Cosmetic

The 35-year-old did not really reveal her real reason to freeze her eggs, but she did refute the “conspiracy theories” to her decision, reasoning she did it when they are still healthier and that the future chances are higher with that.

“Freezing eggs doesn’t remove your ability to have children,” she wrote in the rebuttal tweet. “I’m freezing them early so they are healthy and it gives me more options in the future. I can still have kids naturally 😊👍💕.”

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