Did Legendary British Vocalist Paul McCartney Went Through Plastic Surgery? Know All The Details Here!!!

All The Details About Plastic Surgery Of Paul McCartney

Plastic Surgery is done in the case of injury or some special cases. But, nowadays, every celebrity is found to be experiencing plastic surgery to enhance their appearance and improve their chances in the industry. Previously, the cases of surgery were common among females but now it has covered the male celebrities too. One of the most appreciated vocalists of all time, Paul McCartney is also believed to have done some surgeries.

Many of the audiences agree that Paul McCartney was the most handsome member of the legendary band “The Beatles”. His appearance is also equally appreciated as his singing and songwriting skills. 

However, that was a long time ago and now he is in his old age. He has many different looks than before. The changes maybe because of his genes or plastic surgery. But some significant changes on his face give rise to a possibility that he may have done plastic surgery.

Botox and Eyelid Surgery 

One of the most significant surgeries that Sir Paul Mccartney has gone through is Botox injection. The singer was born on June 18, 1942, and now is in his late seventies. At this age, he doesn’t seem to have wrinkles and other fine lines. So, the song-writer is believed to have used up Botox. Also, Botox has always helped the old age celebrities to regain their younger looks. As he has such worldwide recognition, we can know about his need to do plastic surgery and Botox Injection.

Paul Mccartney before and after Botox and Eyelid surgery
Image Source: Pinterest

Another plastic surgery he is supposed to have done is eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty). His eyes seem to be a  bit different than before. He has done some changes regarding his Crow’s feet as they seem much smoother and younger than his age. The consequence of his surgery is also seen around his eyes. So, the audience had raised the rumors about his eyelid surgery too.

Hair Transplant

The legend Paul McCartney has his awesome looks in his old age and the primary reason behind it is his hair. His hair doesn’t agree with his age at anyway. Imagine Sir Paul McCartney with his bald head. It may seem funny but the changes in his appearance are due to his thick hair. So, he is rumored to have done a hair transplant. If you glaze closely at the pictures of him at his old age, you can notice his hair doesn’t look natural at his younger age. Thus, the singer may have done the hair transplant to maintain his awesome looks and fanbase.

Paul McCartney before and after Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant: NY Daily News

What are your opinions on seeing Paul’s before and after surgery pictures? He seems to have done some improvements in his facial area to maintain his youthful looks. Some of the fans and followers also gave their opinion about Paul McCartney’s surgery as the reason to look younger as he was dating a much younger woman.

As a whole, the surgery didn’t seem to have the best effect on his looks. 

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