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Did Jada Smith Had Any Plastic Surgery? Know Everthing About It!

Celebrities always tend to look beautiful than most ordinary people, and there is a good reason behind it. One of the main reasons behind it is they invest a lot of money to look young and beautiful with clear, bright, and glowing skins. On top of that, they also use expensive makeup, which most people simply cannot afford. But to look attractive, some tends to take beyond the cosmetic products and go for surgery, botox, facelift, etc. 

The whole procedure can be costly, usually requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars, and some even pay millions. Not to mention quite painful. But guys, you know the saying “No pain, No gain” Right? It can be understandable after all celebrities are most of the time under the constant scrutiny of the camera. However, to look youthful and pretty, some are ready to go under the knife. Though even if they are prepared to go to that extend, it becomes hard for them to hide that fact. 

Still, there are few who manage to keep the secret for a while, and one such person is actress, singer, filmmaker, and businesswoman Jada Pinkett Smith, the wife of Hollywood megastar Will Smith. So, what kind of plastic surgery did she had that made people still gossip about this very day?

What Plastic Surgery Did Jada Smith Have?

In 2012, while Jada Smith was in an event promoting her new film “Madagascar 3,” people noticed there was some change in Jada Smith’s face than she did a few years ago.

Many were quick to notice some changes on her appearance, and it was her face, cheeks to be precise. Apparently, her cheeks looked plumped, and many could not help but speculated that “The Nutty Professor” actress did some kind of plastic surgery. 

Jada Smith’s picture from 2012 (left) and a picture at an event in 2007. 
Source: Getty Images

And we understand where fans are coming with the theories as in the images above; you can see the difference for yourself. 

You would think Jada will have a few explanation to do about it. But maybe not?

Denied Having a Cosmetic Surgery 

If you compare the pictures of Jada Smith of 2012 and 2007, the difference is noticeable; however, like most high profile celebs around the world, Jada Smith openly denied ever having any cosmetic surgeries on her face. She was repeatedly asked about the procedures, but the “Hawthorne” star refused to comment on that topic. She even claimed that her looks are natural and argued the camera angle and lighting were the reasons behind it.

Jada Smith and Will Smith has been married since 1997. 
Source: Nepal24Hours

Fans, however, were having none of it, and neither was renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn who suspects the 48-year-old “might have undergone injections of fat into her cheeks, possibly taken from her buttocks. ” 

The celebrity plastic surgeon also added:

“It’s also possible that this dramatic change in her appearance is due to surgical augmentation with solid silicone cheek implants.”

Mrs. Smith has openly discussed her diet and fitness routine, and no doubt, it might have played some role in her glamourous looks, but next time, the mother of two kids will have to try her best not to make it too obvious for people to see.

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