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Did Helen Hunt Really Underwent Plastic Surgery? Get All The Details!

Whether you like it or not, age will one day catch up with everyone; no one can run away from its grip, and celebrities are no exception to it. Therefore, the same was for actress Helen Hunt as well whose beauty for decades captivated men around the world. However, in recent times, she came under scrutiny and ranked among the list of celebrities who went under the knife. 

When the “As Good as It Gets” star stepped into her forties, it was noticeable her beauty was dwindling, and after crossing fifties, it was assured that her once sought out immaculate charm and beauty has faded. 

But to the amazement of many, that was not the case as she appeared to regain her youth back. But here is the catch, did she had any cosmetic surgeries? What do people say about that? Know all right here! 

Did Helen Hunt New Face After Plastic Surgery?

In 2018, when Helen Hunt sat down for an interview on Good Morning America, her new looks shocked many around the world. And rightfully so, she looked younger than she did a year ago.

Henen Hunt’s make over before (left) and after (right) images of surgery.
Source: Pinterest

If you have not seen the pictures yet, then you might not find it hard seen the change. The “Mad About You” actress’ new looks should her with less wrinckles around her neck face, eyes, and cheeks. 

Many suggested that she might have had a facelift surgery to tighten her neck or botox to have a younger face.  

Plastic Surgeons Verdict

It is no new thing that people on social media react to every little change that a celebrity’s life goes through, and the same might be in Helen Hunt’s case of plastic surgery. But what do experts say, do they agree?

American actress Helen Hunt’s before (left) and after (right) pictures were examined by surgeons. 
Source: Pinterest  

According to a renowed New York City Plastic surgeon, Dr. Adam Scaffner, who thinks the actress had “likely done some serious work done to alter her appearance.” He further asserted that Hunt might have benefited from some lifting procedures, such as a facelift and neck lift from surgery.  

Scaffner also estimates:

“She (Helen) may have also had a minimally-invasive thread lift.”

There is also a possibility that she may have had botox, fillers, and skin treatments to rejuvenate her facial muscles. 

Another NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn agreed with his fellow surgeon and believes Helen’s fantastic new look is likely due to facelift and eyelid-lift. 

Dr. Youn said: 

“She also looks smoother, perhaps due to Botox and fillers such as Juvederm.”

Well, it seems the rumors might be right after all. What does the actress herself say on this matter? 

What does Helen Hunt Say About The Allegation of Cosmetic Surgery? 

Even after more than a year since the accusation of plastic surgery against her started, Helen Hunt remained silent on that matter. Some media outlets say the Academy Award winner has denied having any plastic on her body. Though to this day there has been no official statement made by the celeb.

Check out the clip of Helen Hunt’s transformation from a young girl to now!

But at this point, the answer is “as clear as day” or should we say in this case “face”!

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