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Did Dennis Quaid Get Plastic Surgery at Some Point of His Life?

“Welcome to the new male face-lift trend,” as The Hollywood Reporter once discussed in an article. And while not everyone is George Clooney, who also admitted to having his eyes done, the report says facelift has been quite common in the entertainment industry as well.

However, many believe there is one challenge men face when they get surgery that women do not — “It’s much more p**sifying for a male actor to be seen in before and after pictures,” one major producer says. So sure, some may feel like plastic surgery takes away the tough-guy image. But women have come under fire for facelifts too, although occasionally not more than men.

Will he, or does he already, opt for plastic surgery?
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And Dennis Quaid has been dipped into the pool for one of the rumored prominent men in the industry to have had gotten plastic surgery. But he hasn’t been one of those to have admitted it yet. Of course, it would mean more discussion afterward.

Fans Ask If Dennis Quaid Got Facelift

With many men having already submitted to using Botox, like Simon Cowell says it’s “no more unusual than toothpaste”, one could wonder Dennis Quaid too have had something to make his forehead smoother than it was years ago. And especially since dating now-wife Laura Savoie.

For some fans, it more than Botox that he really got; apparently his facelift is a commercial in its own right.

Sure the only proof of it is the absence of lines in his face in more cases than not. He’s 66, and people would expect to see some wrinkles in his face, not that the fans want to. Additionally, some suspect he got rid of his eye bags as well and does use Botox regularly even now. But everything just stands at rumors, and it’s unlikely he’ll ever respond to it.

Plastic Surgery Plus Divorce from Quaid Supposed to Be Why Meg Ryan’s Career Was Destroyed

Remember when Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan were one of Hollywood’s most revered couples? Quaid may be married again, in a similar amount of time Ryan shared plans to wed John Mellencamp, but their decade-long marriage will not let them go at all.

And when they got divorced in 2001, there were all sorts of mayhem in Ryan’s life. For one thing, the divorce was thought to be the result of the rumored affair with Russell Crowe. And then in 2003, her face had changed.

The couple was married for around a decade.
Photo Credit: Dan Callister, Online USA

With the factors, she was starting to take on roles that countered her ‘girl next door’ image. Many believe this combination of changes in the early 2000s was what destroyed her career.

Of course, tabloids didn’t make it too easy for her either. Her plastic surgery topic meshed with the affair rumors, and she was getting a lot of unwanted attention. Experts believe it really shook her up, but there was no denying she opted for plastic surgery either.

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Ryan took a break from acting after all the stress in 2004. When she returned, she was going for independent movies as well and moved on to directing as well.

As for Quaid, nothing has stopped him from getting roles after roles, with half a dozen of them still in the waiting for release. And add to that, a young wife by his side, whose presence may be prompting him to use Botox.

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