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Did Clare Crawley Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Clare Crawley returned to the sixteenth season of The Bachelorette with taking over the lead role. But, so did all the plastic surgeries rumors too? Interestingly, fans strongly believe that the reality TV personality has undergone plastic surgeries to appear younger after what they noticed of what appears to be bigger changes over her physique, especially over the structure of her face.

Did Clare Crawley undergo plastic surgery? 
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So, is it possible Clare Crawley relied upon the services of cosmetic procedures including teh surgeries to make her face younger and cheat on the aging issues with wrinkles and the creases. And, after the Bachelor nation pointed out the differences, we couldn’t help but find out those huge differences in then and now pictures ourselves too.

However, we needed to make sure and dig in more to discover the factual truth of whether Clare Crawley actually underwent plastic surgeries or not. And, the truth is far from what everyone, at least the accusers, know. That doesn’t mean we completely invalidate the speculations of Crawley and her plastic surgeries gossips. Well, what is the truth?

All About Clare Crawley Plastic Surgery

Since The Bachelorette made the announcement that the 39 years old Clare Crawley would be taking over the new season, which would also make her the oldest lead in the franchise’s history after Rachel Lindsay who was 32, the audience has expressed mixed feelings, aside from plastic surgery concerns.

Clare Crawley looking younger and happier in her late thirties. 
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But, what a start of something new for Crawley, though? She couldn’t win a place at Juan Pablo Galavis‘s heart, despite of her making it to the finale. But hopefully, the new Bachelorette journey will shower Clare with lots and lots of bliss. Sadly, her journey which hadn’t even started was already bitter when people started pointing out her age. But, of course, Crawley wasn’t the one to stay back and suffer from words the bullies threw at her.

Thankfully, Clare also came forward to stay upfront about her plastic surgery rumors as she finally decided to answer the fans over the indication of how her skin looks more tight and youthful than she did before. To get straight to the point, as Distractify reported Crawley denies undergoing any plastic surgeries to look age-defying, especially the $1 million surgery treatment. Hopefully, that is the truth. Because, on the other hand, a health expert has a different opinion and claims something else, otherwise.

Science On Clare Crawley Plastic Surgery; Did She Try Botox?

Surprisingly, before Clare Crawley finally addressed her plastic surgeries hoax, we had a surgeon and health expert share his insights over what he thought of the hairstylist’s younger-looking secrets. And, who could be better than a plastic surgeon to have an opinion on these subjects, right? So, what did Dr. Tal Roudner have to say?

Well, according to Roudner, he doesn’t believe that Clare underwent any extreme plastic surgery procedures to appear younger in her thirties. The doctor, however, claims that Clare might have relied on cosmetic procedures like botox, a method of injecting the skin for various beauty purposes like making the skin tight and reducing the wrinkle lines. Botox is also applied over the lips to make them look larger and plumpy.

Speaking of which, reality TV star Kylie Jenner and singer Madison Beer are believed to have undergone the botox procedures. Jenner’s mother Kris Jenner is also another celebrity who reportedly underwent botox procedures to look youthful in her sixties. And, as for Crawley, she applied botox near her lips and eye area. You can, in fact, notice the difference on Clare’s faces in the pictures given below.

Clare Crawley reportedly unerwent botox to look younger. Source: Pinterest

In the meantime, botox isn’t the only secret to Crawley’s younger-looking face. She is a massive fan of doing exercises like yoga to maintain her figure and for other health benefits. Not to mention, Crawly is also super concerned regarding her diet and remains careful of what she puts inside her body. No wonder, she still has that glow.

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