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Did Allie Long Ever Get Plastic Surgery?

It took a long time for Alexandra “Allie” Long to get into the Women’s National Team for the Women’s World Cup. And despite being on the bench for the most part of the trip, except one mildly impressive substitute appearance, it’s a big achievement after working through the years to get into the team.

Long made her debut for the US National Team in 2014 in a friendly against Canada, following a decade of playing soccer, and continued to play in several other friendlies. Her most notable part of her national team soccer career came when she gave the Player of the Match performance against France in the 2016 Olympics.

But getting into topic, it’s weird how interested people seem to be when it comes to plastic surgery on women soccer stars, Allie Long, in particular. There’s barely any proof that she’s gone under the knife.

You’ll Only Get Questions of Allie Long’s Plastic Surgery and No Answers

There’s also particularly not much to discuss it either. Except for one particular discussion in the group, the L Chat, that started in 2017. The topic was not about plastic surgery, but some made it a point to mention it.

Long transferred to England’s team Chelsea in 2013 on loan.
Photo Credit: Koji Watanabe, Getty Images AsiaPac

“Did she get plastic surgery at some point before she made it big?” One user wrote way back in early 2017. “Her face looks artificially constructed, especially around the mouth and cheekbones.”

“Yeah every time I look at Allie Long’s face, I feel like she has bad botox or plastic surgery,” another commented after her World Cup appearance. “It’s just not a good look.”

However, that’s all there is to it. You can only go so far as to speculate these things about a soccer player. Long has not said anything about the speculations and never even needed to.

Long’s Husband Jose Batista Is Her Occasional Training Partner

It’s a relatively unknown fact about Allie Long that she grew up around football all her life. Yeah, she comes from a generation of soccer players, men or women. Her great uncle, a Croatian die-hard football fan, started the first girls club on Long Island. Her mother, Barbara, played for the club.

Her entire childhood, the mother-daughter duo played football in her neighborhood. And for a long time, she’s had another partner to play the game with, her husband and life partner from a long time ago.

Long married her longtime boyfriend in a joyous celebration.
Photo Source: Allie Long, Instagram

Long got married to Jose Batista on October 30, 2016, as her teammates Alex Morgan and Tobin Heath became her bridesmaids at her wedding. In her life with Batista, she was introduced to the New York futsal games and occasionally trains with him. Yeah, he’s also a player, from Puerto Rico.

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