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Did Alexis Ren Really Get Plastic Surgery Like the Claims?

Being a model since 13 isn’t something many can achieve and still stay in that industry when they’re all grown and mature. But Alexis Ren sure can. She’s got a lot of love from millions of fan-following on social media, where she fairly regularly treats them with raunchy photos.

However, there will be many who’ll assume she’s had work done on her and that certain parts of her body are fake because they think a person would remain the same as they were a teenager when they grow up.

Rumors of plastic surgery for Alexis Ren started when she came on Dancing with the Stars in late 2018, and people suddenly realized she’d changed since the days she first started modeling. They dug out photos and started speculating stuff up.

All the Plastic Surgery Bits Assumed on Alexis Ren

There are tons of places where you’ll find people discussing how she is allegedly fake all over since her first glory days. Social media is a common place where you’ll find “obvious” speculations of her.

There were discussions about her tummy area thinning out and her back seeming too bent.
Photo Source: Instagram

People have called her out for having done a boob job, something with the hips, gotten lip fillers and even as far as to photoshop her behinds on Instagram. One Reddit user pointed out she’s “had her boobs and butt done in January 2017” and ruined her lips.

Claims to such speculations? All from the pictures from the past, way back when she was a teenager and was just developing. It’s clear that there have been changes, but was it because of plastic surgery? Yeah, sure her lips look a little puffed up than before. But her breasts are not something to discuss for a person growing up. It changes.

It wasn’t just recently that it’s been discussed. Back in 2014, she had to deny one of those rumors herself. But she hasn’t defended herself since then.

It was around the time her mom passed away from breast cancer, and she’d also gotten through a bad breakup from Jay Alvarrez.

It All Started with an Eating Disorder After Her Mom Died, But Some Say Abuse from a Bad Ex

While there are not many instances she’s talked directly about plastic surgery, she has, at times, talked about her body issues. And there’s a certain correlation to the two, according to some self-proclaimed experts.

In 2014, when at 17 she lost her mother to breast cancer, who was a health nutritionist by the way, she said she developed an eating disorder or body dysmorphia. She felt she’d let her mother down because she was a health expert, and she felt down because she’d not done anything her mother wanted her to.

There are clear signs, of growing up, of course.
Photo Source: Instagram

When the issue was developing, she met model Jay Alvarrez, and he asked her out via Instagram, but it got serious pretty quick. She was practically trying to replace her mom.

In the two-year period of their relationship, she was managed by him moving around the world for modeling photoshoots, and then they began filming YouTube videos with huge successes for a lot of them. That prompted her to be constantly in front of the camera, which only prompted anxiety and self-doubt in relation to her body.

“I was my worst critic ever,” she told Cosmopolitan when revealing about the eating disorder in 2017. “The only sense of relief I had was to be able to monitor my eating and my workouts.”

They were relationship goals back then.
Photo Credit: Carlos Alvarez, Getty Images Europe

Ren did get back on her feet with the help of her family and friends, even after she was told she’d gained weight upon returning from a break in Australia. But many think she also resorted to plastic surgery to feel good about herself.

Coupling the two events in her life, along with a speculated body-shaming abuse from a former boyfriend at 16, people have pointed out she developed the eating disorder and the need to transform her looks. And they were not, at all, impressed with the change as to when she was a teenager.

Despite what these experts on the internet say, Alexis Ren herself has mentioned she has come to learn to love her body even if it’s not perfect. The problem is she’s perfect right now, which has raised questions in many’s minds that she’s had some work done to be perfect. Or it could be physical and mental growth altogether. You can only guess.

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