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Details on Kirsten Dunst’s Plastic Surgery and Why She Never Fixed Her Teeth

You’d think Kirsten Dunst is a redhead in real life. But she only did that for the Spiderman movies and a few more. In reality, she said the reddish hair made her feel “soft and vulnerable”.

Dunst has remained timeless since the late ’90s, despite looking unrecognizable in Jumanji in those early acting days. And despite several requests from the industry to change certain things about her, she’s firmly denied them all, insisting the features they were trying to change are what she loves. Hair color really doesn’t count, it doesn’t cost as much as what plastic surgery enthusiast like to do.

However, there’ve been a few things she would really have liked to change, something men might not feel too happy if she would (you’ll learn about it here). Dunst is one of those few celebrities who really don’t want to change her aesthetics with plastic surgery or any reconstruction for that matter. Even the things she wants to change about herself, she just tries to do it naturally.

The Reason Kirsten Dunst Never Fixed Her Teeth & Why People Think She Probably Did

It’s not plastic surgery, per se. But it’s something that needs to be known.

No, Dunst’s teeth aren’t scary as a vampire’s. In fact, she loves her teeth ever since her big sister-figure, Sofia Coppola, complimented her beauty for her teeth. However, there seems to a big change in her smile regarding her teeth. But the little dimple on her cheek while smiling has never changed.

It just seems like a smart photography trick. Her teeth haven’t changed.
Photo Credits: Jean Baptiste Lacroix, WireImage / Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

“I always looked up to Sofia as a cool older sister,” the 38-year-old actress told Vogue in an interview in 2017. “I remember she said, ‘I love your teeth, don’t ever fix them,’ so when I was asked at 20 years old to fix them for a role, I said, ‘No, Sofia thinks they’re cool. I’ll keep them’.”

She didn’t really say what role was that she was requested to change her teeth for a while, until an interview with in November 2019. It turns out, the role was the iconic ‘Mary Jane Watson‘ for Spiderman, which released in 2002 when she was 20, like she said. But the movie began filming when she was 18.

She was not trading the smile for anything.
Photo Source: Spiderman

“… on Spider-Man one of the producers tried to subtly coerce me into changing my teeth into those perfect Barbie doll teeth,” she told the news site. “I was like, ‘Nope, not doing that either’.” She also referenced how Coppola really influenced her to not change a thing about her again. So you know it’s real.

Unlike Others, Dunst Doesn’t Like Her “Big Boobs”, Because It Hinders Her Fashion Sense

It seems awkward to people who haven’t seen Melancholia, but she considers her breasts a little too big for her likings. Most celebrities would pay thousands for plastic surgery to have a bust like hers, and here she is, saying her boobs come in the way of things. Like good clothes to wear, and how photographs of her come out bad because of the dress she wears.

Quick reminder: She also lost her post-baby weight.
Photo Source: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

“It’s harder to dress if you have boobs,” Dunst told the December 2011 issue of Lucky Magazine. “I usually cover them. This is not usually my style.” She tries to make her breasts seem smaller than they are, unknowingly disappointing many fans.

There’s no foul play of sorts here in case of Kirsten Dunst. Plastic surgery is out of the question, but she does cleverly use makeup for her appearances at any event. She looks unrecognizable without makeup on.

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