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Details on Ainsley Earhardt’s Plastic Surgery Speculations

It’s been a huge journey for Ainsley Earhardt on Fox News since crawling her way up to the top in the news network. She might have come as a fair journalist when she came to prominence in Ainsley Across America and Fox & Friends, but it’s Fox News.

Work seems to be taking much of her time for her personal life to be more dedicated to her family life with the divorce from William Proctor reasoning her dedication to work to be one of the causes, among others.

Amidst her journey as a reputed Fox anchor, it’s unlikely that she’s found time to think about making any changes to her face and body in general through plastic surgery. Still, that doesn’t stop people from thinking she has gone through something like that.

Ainsley Earhardt’s Morning Routine Is a Heavy One

Earhardt’s been a stickler for rules when it comes to work. Accordingly, she takes her morning routine seriously enough as would many morning anchors. She wakes up at 3 am, and when her daughter Hayden was a toddler, she would check on her first thing in the morning. And then it was off to work.

[2010] Looking at her a decade apart, there are some noticeable changes in her looks.
Photo Credit: OWEN HOFFMANN/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

With an hour of preparation and applying careful makeup, she started off her Fox & Friends segment from 6 to 9 am. Her whole day isn’t free either. Emails and preparations for the next morning take up all day, aside from handling her daughter at the end of the day.

With all the time not in her hands, there’s little doubt that she’s gone under the knife at all. But what about before she got her own segment or Fox & Friends for that matter? It’s a little hard to say as her smile hasn’t seemed to have changed at all since she first started out in journalism.

If she’s doing anything against the inevitable process of aging, it’s still unclear. Makeup can do magic for that too.

Viewers Suspected of Facelift & a Boob Job

When she was starting to get prominence on Hannity, she already had kind of a small following watching her shows every day. And a few of them kind of noticed she looked a little different one morning in 2010. One of them was quick to ask if she’s had a facelift of a boob job in one of those forums and discussion sites.

The smile hasn’t changed though.
Photo Source: News and Corporate

However, there’s not much to go with it as there’s been nothing that points towards the claims of any plastic surgery procedures so far. The comments on that discussion didn’t help either.

So yeah, there’s nothing concrete or any obvious signs of plastic surgery in terms of Earhardt. But if you do see something, just move on.

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