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Details About All The Plastic Surgeries Angela Yeung Wing Went Through. Grab All The Facts Here!!!

Angelababy Plastic Surgery 

Angela Yeung Wing, professionally known as Angelababy, is a model, actress, and singer.  In 2007 Angelababy debuted as an actress in the movie ‘Trvial Matters’. Then, she starred in numerous movies like Love 020 in 2016, Hitman: Agent 47 in 2015, Mojin: The Lost Legend in 2015, and many more. For her singer career, her best hit songs are Five Hundred Miles, Everyday’s a Beautiful Story, Love Never Stops, and many more.

Angelababy with her incredibly lovely face has received many awards and nominations, including Asian Television Award, Student’s Choice Award, Golden Knight Award, Audience Award, and many more. 

The 31-years-old actress became the center of attraction because of her plastic surgery rumor. So, Angelababy went through plastic surgery? Let’s find out 

Angelababy Double Eyelid Surgery  

Angelababy is also famous for her beautiful face. But, it seems it’s not a natural beauty. This actress with a beautiful face was reported to get beauty enhancement with plastic surgery. The rumors started to emerge after the fans started to compare her before and after surgery photographs. The controversies stated that she went through Eyelid surgery. 

Angelababy before and after Double Eyelid Surgery
Image Source: YouTube

Although the ‘Trivial Matters’ actress is a Chinese girl, yet she has bigger eyes look, different from most Eastern Asia people. By observing her before and after surgery photographs, we came to know the result of the surgeon’s work. This procedure has helped her to improve her eyelids shape. If you look carefully, you can surely point out her new fresher eyes with perfect eyelids. 

It seems that this procedure surely supports the beauty of her. Nevertheless, the gorgeous model has never admitted that she has experienced this procedure. 

Angelababy Nose Job  (Rhinoplasty)

Double Eyelid surgery is not the only procedure she went through. Many people claimed that this Chinese actress went through Nose’s work (Rhinoplasty). 

Angelababy before and after Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
Image Source: The Straits Times

If we compare her before and after surgery photographs, she used to have big and flat nose shape. Also, her nose bridge looks higher, but somehow it changes into littler one after her nose job (Rhinoplasty). This procedure took some part to improved her overall appearance. 

It seems that her fans didn’t acknowledge this procedure. They think why did she go under the knife in the first place when she already had natural beauty. 

Angelababy Jaw and Chin Surgery  

To say the truth, her fans think that she is playing with her face. Recently, the singer of Five Hundred Miles was reported to have Jaw and Chin surgery. 

Angelabab before and after Jaw and Chin Surgery

If you observe Angelababy before and after surgery photographs then you can see she used to have a wide chin. But this procedure helps her to reduce its size. Besides chin surgery,  there is a high possibility of the Chinese model went through jaw surgery. It’s clear that now she has narrower jawline, which makes her face looks smaller. Angelababy is becoming more lovely by an almost V-shape face. 

The gorgeous actress’s plastic surgery is considered one of the best celebrity plastic surgeries ever. The surgeon’s work seems to work admirably on her. Her fans believed that she got professional and experienced plastic surgeon services.

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