Deidra Hoffman, The Daughter Of Actress Loni Anderson

Star kids are one of the most sought interests of the media, so in contrast to their low-key preference, they are often in the limelight. And Deidra Hoffman, the daughter of the popular American actress Loni Anderson is no exception. Her Golden Globe and Emmy nominated mother is professional since the mid-60s, and already has proficiency in TV screen as well as movies.

Although Hoffman does not seem serious to pursue a career in acting, she indeed has some on-screen credits in her name, includes The Jayne Mansfield Story (1980), Intimate Portrait (1999), and The Doctors (2014). Explore more about Deidra below:

Birth, Age and Childhood. Who is Deidra’s father?

Born Dedra Kaye Hasselberg in 1965, the star kid grew up in her hometown Minnesota, the USA. Though, the exact date of her birthday is yet to be out. As of 2021, Deidra is 56 years old.

She is the daughter of phenomenal actress, Loni Anderson, and her first husband, Bruce Hasselberg, who was a real estate broker. The couple tied the knot at a very young age in 1964. They were probably in their teens during that time. The immature decision of marriage resulted in a lot of conflicts in their conjugal life. And hence, they ended their marriage a year after they welcomed their daughter, Deidra.

She grew up in Roseville, Minnesota, USA, and attended a local high school in Minnesota. Since she lost the company of her father at a very young age, she was single-handedly raised by her mother, Loni. Deidra had to go through a rough and hectic childhood due to the divorce of her parents.

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The daughter of Loni Anderson doesn’t have a specific career. Or we can say that she hasn’t revealed her career to the public. Although she has appeared in some television series and talk shows, she didn’t establish herself in this field. She could get hundreds of offers, but not being in the industry shows that she is not so keen to be a part of the entertainment industry.

People had really appreciated her appearance in an episode of the TV series “Intimate Portrait”(1999). In 2014, she appeared in an episode of an American talk show, “The Doctors”. Moreover, she has also played the role of Jayne Marie Mansfield in a TV movie “The Jayne Mansfield Story” in 1990

According to sources, she is currently enjoying her quality life with her family as a happy homemaker. She is a proud mother of two kids and a loving wife to her husband.

Deidra Hoffman Relationship: Marriage, Husband, Kids.

The “Intimate Portrait” actress has a sound love life, and in contrast to her parents’ messy relationship, she enjoys a graceful married life. Deidre’s husband is none other than her boyfriend Chris Hoffman, an American actor. The lovebirds were in a relationship for some time before they walked down the aisle.

Moreover, the two are blessed with two daughters namely, McKenzie Hoffman and Megan Hoffman.

Since Deidra prefers to have a private life, her wedding date & further information on her daughters is a mystery so far.

Deidra’s mother, however, had many fluctuations in her marriages. She got married to four different men. First among them was her father, Bruce Hasselberg whom she divorced in 1966. Secondly, she married Ross Bickell in 1973 which resulted in divorce in 1981. Again, she was with her co-star, late Burt Reynolds from 1988 to 1993. Her fourth marriage was with musician, Bob Flick on 17th May 2008.

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Net Worth Of Deidra Hoffman

As stated, Deidra Hoffman prefers to live a private life, hence, her profession or career journey always remained wrapped up. Although she chose to stay low-key unlike her mother with wide on-screen exposure, the exact figure on her earnings is not out.

As of 2021, online sources estimate that Deidra has a net worth in the 6-digit figure. Also, many believe that she inherited a chunk of fortune from her mother’s net worth, considering Lori Anderson (her mother) has a net worth of $12 million.

Anderson accumulated such wealth from her fascinating career as an actress. Also, her divorce from her former husband must have paid her some remarkable amount in settlement. According to sources, she received $154520 from the divorce with her third husband, Burt.

Moreover, she also owns a fascinating home on Sherman Oaks which is worth $2.435 million, as she priced in 2014. It must be of a lot more till date.

As we talk about the net worth of Deidra Hoffman, the net worth of her husband, Chris Hoffman also has a huge impact on this matter. According to sources, Chris’s net worth is $1.5 million which has been collected by working as an actor.

What Disease Caught Deidra Hoffman?

While Hoffman was living a simple life, she was diagnosed with a disease called multiple Sclerosis in 2009. She had to undergo a lot of treatments. The disease recurred time and again. Loni Anderson became her biggest support system during that time. With the support of her mother and well-wishers, Deidra won the battle against multiple sclerosis.

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