Conforti shifts from Disney princess to vampire in ‘NOS4A2’

Conforti shifts from Disney princess to vampire in ‘NOS4A2’ 

Gorgeous and young actress Conforti to switch her role from Disney princess to vampire on the thrilling and horror series ‘NOS4A2’. 

Broadway star Mattea Conforti said she jumped at the opportunity to play a youngster vampire  on AMC’s horror show” NOS4A2″ in light of the fact that it was so unusual for the parts she played before- June 21 (UPI)  
14-year-old actress. 

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Mattea Conforti exclusively shared to a UPI on a phone interview 

I wanted to expand my acting range and see how much more I could do because I was really focused on very different roles at the time, and shifting from Disney roles to Millie Manx was very different. I wanted to see how I could handle that.

Well she seems really enthusiastic about her new role and  though it may be a new path for her, it provides a huge boost to her career and we’re pretty sure the disney princess will slay the role.

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