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CNN Correspondent Sara Sidner Biography

One of the most reputed journalists, Sara Sidner is popular as a national and international correspondent of CNN. Despite having worked on many other stations previously, Sidner gained wide recognition after being appointed in the prestigious news channel, CNN. Her next-level reporting skills have changed the public view of reporting and news anchoring. She has been actively involved in CNN since 2014.

Early Life & Family Background- What Is Sara Sidner’s Age and Height?

Born on 31st May 1972, Sara Sidner is from Miami Lakes, Florida & holds American nationality. She is a daughter of an African-American father and English mother. As of 2021, Sidner is 49 years old & has a height of 5 feet 9 inches.

The CNN correspondent attended a local high school, Hialeah-Miami Lakes High School. Further, she went to the University of Florida for higher education and graduated with a degree in telecommunications. She was reportedly active in sports and academics when she was a student. Sources show that she was a part of her university’s volleyball team.

Career: Journey to CNN

The popular journalism idol started as a reporter in local television, WUFT-TV in Gainesville, Florida. Her journey continued as she started expanding her horizons and gaining recognition for her works. She worked as an anchor and reporter for many television stations in San Francisco, Dallas, Missouri, California, and so on, including Florida itself.

Sara Sidner interviewing a doctor by maintaining social distance and mask on.
Sidner interviewing a doctor in Michigan.
Source: [email protected]

As she was attracting more people through her works, the 39-year-old journalist took an important move for her career by reporting on the Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster. The mishap had happened on 1st February 2003.

Her domestic reporting journey made her win various important recognitions and awards including a regional Emmy Award.

Further bigger opportunities were waiting for her. So, the dark-brown-eyed journalist started exploring international arenas as she worked in Jerusalem, Abu Dhabi, New Delhi, and a lot more places.

It was 2014 when Sidner joined CNN in Los Angeles Bureau, where Kaylee Hartung formerly served as a correspondent for 2 years until 2019. She addressed the problems and issues all over the world which makes her a well-deserving person to be in CNN. She has covered the contemporary issues of South Asia from countries like Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and so on and also about countries like Libya, Taiwan, Indonesia, Cambodia, etc. Sara didn’t let any news around the globe go unheard and undiscussed.

As of now, she works as a national and international correspondent of CNN. Her passion and dedication for what she does make her undoubtedly worthy for such a prestigious position.

Personal Life: Is Sara Sidner Married?

Although CNN’s correspondent tends to reveal every incident going on in the world, the case is not the same when it’s about her personal life. She prefers a low-key lifestyle when it is about her personal matters.

There’s no wonder that many people are curious about if she is married. Well, the answer is “Yes, she is.”.

However, she has not revealed anything about her beloved husband. She has not even opened up her wedding date. But, she once said in an interview that the couple planned for their wedding when Sara was in Libya, reporting on the war. She said that both of them, her husband and herself, were not sure about how she will manage to make it to her wedding.

As of now, the couple is living a wonderful yet low-key married life, but are yet to confirm if they have children.

Sara Sidner in a messy and happy looks playing with dogs.
Sara looks happy playing with dogs.
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The journalist is an active user of Instagram @sarasidnertv with more than 38.1k followers. She posts a lot about her work schedules and duties. Also, she seems to be an animal lover, especially dogs.

How Much Is Net Worth of Sara Sidner?

Now that CNN’s senior correspondent has spent almost two decades in the field of journalism, she has achieved a lot of wealth in terms of monetary value and fan followings. Indeed, she has changed the view of journalism and reporting by performing outstanding work in this field. She is one among very few journalists who have created an impact on the field like Linda Moulton, Allie Laforce, Abby Hornacek.

Although Sara herself has not disclosed her net worth, some reliable sources have estimated that the net worth of Sara Sidner is $3 million. There’s no wonder how she acquired such a huge amount. She has traveled many nooks and corners of the world for reporting and sometimes has risked her life for the news to reach the public. For all that she has contributed to the journalism, she definitely deserves what she owns.

Reports show that CNN pays from $67299 to $94898 a year to its journalist. Since Sara is in a prestigious post she must earn a very amazing payment from her workplace. Also, she might receive other allowances and facilities for visiting different parts of the world as an international correspondent.

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