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Chrissy Teigen Admits Having Plastic Surgery; Tells Her Fans, “Everything is Fake”

Chrissy Teigen admits having plastic surgery; Tells Her Fans Everything About Her is Fake.

Chrissy Teigen (born Christine Diane Teigen) is an American model, TV personality, and author. Moreover, she is also known for being a wife of American singer/songwriter, John Legend.

As we know, Chrissy is the most fun person you will ever see, and she just doesn’t know how to lie. She is one of those who doesn’t shy away to tell you what she has done in her life, no matter how bad it is, she will just tell you the truth. 

So, we have come to know she once revealed she had plastic surgery. While many celebrities who go under the knife won’t tell you the truth, Chrissy just doesn’t want to hide you all these things. She is a promoter of body positivity, so I will tell you everything to support it.

Here’ we have gathered a few information about Teigen’s plastic surgery. Let’s know them.

Chrissy Teigen’s Plastic Surgery

Chrissy Teigen admits of having Plastic surgery. The model said everything on her body is fake, except for her cheeks. So, from lips to forehead, nose, eyebrows, eyes, everything was corrected.
Photo Source: Daily Mail

Chrissy Teigen once said, “everything about me is fake, except my cheeks.” Talking to ‘Byrdie,’ revealed everything from her nose, forehead, and lips are fake. The model said, “I am not shy talking about that sort of thing. I have no regrets.”

Since you already know, Teigen had had plastic surgery for her nose, forehead, lips; when asked about her most bizarre procedures, the model said she had her armpit sucked out. Let’s find out more about her armpit story.

Chrissy Teigen’s Armpit Liposuction

As you know, the model said it was one of her most bizarre beauty procedures. Wife to Legend, Chrissy went through with the procedure almost a decade ago and had liposuction to remove the extra fat from under her arms. 

Chrissy Teigen removed her armpits’ extra fat via liposuction. She said it was not something she needed, but it feels great, especially while wearing dresses. As you can see from the comparison pictures, the left photo shows she had a few extra layers of fats around her armpits, which was removed and looks stunning now, as you can see on the picture on the right.
Photo Source: Agency/GF

Chrissy said, “It added two inches of length to my arms.” Teigen revealed it was not something she needed desperately, but also admitted it really helped her feel better, especially while wearing dresses. 

This is why we love Chrissy, ask her anything, and will tell you the truth no matter what. She is an inspiration, she just knows how to keep it real with her fans, and she is so open about her insecurities.

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