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Cher Admits Plastic Surgery and Other Procedures Combined with Clean Eating is Her Secret of Everlasting Youth

All about Cher’s plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures.

Cher (born Cherilyn Sarkisian) is an American singer, actress, and TV personality. The singer was born on May 20, 1946, so as of 2020, she is 74 years old. The 74-year-old is known as the ‘Goddess of Pop’ of her time, and still.

Cher began her career from the year 1963, but gained popularity after two years as one of the folk-rock husband-wife duo “Sonny & Cher” following the release of their song “I Got You, Babe.”

Throughout her six decades-long career, (six decades, yes!), she adopted different styles on her singing and appearance. But one thing for sure, it feels like she is a time traveler, as her sense of music and fashion were always ahead of her time. 

And coming to 2020, she is still one of the most fashionable people you will ever see. Even the biggest of fashionista will fall to her knees; she has the power like that. But more than anything else, what shocks us is, she has not aged a bit.

Just look at her pictures, go to her Instagram account, how can a person in their 70s look so healthy, and fit, and young that she will make women on their 30s run for their money. So, we are going to cover a few things about her everlasting youth.

So, people think Cher has had plenty of plastic surgeries and other cosmetic procedures for her age-defying looks. So, let’s just know what people think she opted for her beauty.

Cher Plastic Surgery

Well, it’s a no brainer people think she’d had plastic surgery. We have compiled people’s different opinions that Cher must have opted for. So, let’s find out.

Cher’s Rhinoplasty / Cheekbones Implants

So, if Cher ever considered plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures, it has got to be from the early years of her career. Because if you see the two pictures, you can clearly see the singer might have opted for rhinoplasty. Her nose is now trimmer, the tip is sharp, and the bridge is also narrowed down on the latter picture.

Moreover, it is also apparent her cheekbones are a little higher than they were before, and her contour is on point compared to what it was before. Cher was always beautiful even without her cheek implants, but following the procedures, it has given more definition to her face.

Cher’s Lip Filler and Botox

sense too, as you can see on the pictures, she has now more plumped lips, precisely, her upper lip is more prominent compared to what she used to have in the past. 

So, the next thing is Botox, and it is quite evident enough on itself as there’s no single sign of age lines on her face, let alone wrinkles. It’s a known fact that after 50,  wrinkles start to form, and the skin starts to sag. But in Cher’s case, as you can see, nothing at all. Even the area around her eyes doesn’t show any signs of aging, which is kind of impossible as crow’s feet start to appear as early as the late-20s.

What does Cher say About Her Plastic Surgery?

Cher has always admitted of plastic surgery and other cosmetic surgery. The iconic pop diva revealed getting her teeth, boobs, and nose done. According to the Sun, she is also rumored to have had her ribs removed to narrow the waistline. 

But all that is fine, face and body can be fixed with the help of cosmetic procedures. But what about the energy level she possesses still at age 74. So, according to one of the media outlets, the age-defying singing diva keeps herself fit with clean eating and workout.

Well, she is a role model in every aspect of life. Cher is not just the Goddess of Pop, but she is the Goddess.

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