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Chelsea Clinton’s Response to Plastic Surgery Rumors Is Legendary

Quick, who’s your favorite First Daughter between Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump? And you have to be impartial on this one. Yeah, both their fathers’ presidencies have somewhat been filled with controversies, but isolating them from having any connection to the two Presidents may lead to something of a sensible discussion.

Then again, it’s not new for presidential candidates to have their history dug up at the most uncomfortable of times. While that is a topic taking pages and pages to discuss, the two First Daughters have been pitted against each other by their respective supporters.

And there has been one instance when plastic surgery was brought into discussion when someone tweeted out a fake quote and was scrutinized by one author in particular. Besides this direct accusation, she has been thought to have had her face cosmetically enhanced as well.

More Than One Plastic Surgery Claims Against Chelsea Clinton

When you look at Chelsea Clinton, you do see a little bit of Hillary Clinton as well, with her being her daughter and all. But the daughter’s face has been something of an interest in the plastic surgery department. Something of a change?

2018 blew up with plastic surgery accusations for Chelsea Clinton.
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According to a report, Dr. Jennifer Walden, who hasn’t treated Chelsea by the way, thinks she’s had a nose job and possible chin augmentation, believing her look and body transformation didn’t just come from her diet and exercise under experts’ watch.

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In any other case, we might want to keep speculation and neither confirm or deny that she’s had plastic surgery. But she’s responded to one such claim in such a way that it just doesn’t make sense to say she’s gone under the knife at all. Yes, there are those who lie, but her? Also, she’s had three babies. That tells you something.

Responding to Trolls Have Never Been So Efficient Until Chelsea Showed the Ropes

We’ve had our fair share of fun responses of celebrities to something thought to bring them down. And when we came across Chelsea’s response to one such comment against her, we sure had a laugh.

Her responses can sometimes make you speechless.
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Back in October 2018, one conservative author, Janie Johnson, retweeted a statement shared by another user who claimed Chelsea had once said that she was “more beautiful & educated than Ivanka Trump,” who herself hasn’t had it easy with plastic surgery rumors. The main tweet that started it all isn’t available anymore, insinuating her claim about that quote being false is justified.

Either way, one would pick up anything to settle their claims. Janie believed it though, as a massive ‘Make America Great Again’ supporter, and mocked Chelsea for boasting of such a thing and then accusing her of “fixing her chin”.

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“Liberal boasting? Who’d thunk it? @ChelseaClinton did have an awesome surgeon fix her chin tis true,” Johnson wrote, sharing the now-broken link. It didn’t take too long for Clinton to respond in a tweet of her own, in a way people call ‘killing with kindness’.

She wrote in a tweet, “Hi Janie – 1) Never said that, which I imagine you know. 2) Since I was 11, people in public have said they think I’m ugly. I would never comment on relative beauty. It’s gross. 3) My chin is the one I was born with, just 38 years later. 4) Hope you & yours have a beautiful day.”

The 40-year-old does have a point in her second point. She’s been scrutinized by oppositions about her look, and many-a-times, she has been quite calm about it and responded in the most sarcastic ways possible.

The mother-of-three was once compared to a donkey to which, she simply thanked for the “compliment”. “Hi James! Donkeys are known for their independence, intelligence & persistence and horses for their speed, perceptiveness & memory,” she replied to a tweet in June 2018. “I’m flattered by the compliment, thank you!”

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And guess what, the original tweet is also unavailable. So yeah, if she sees your comment about a negative side of her, you would likely get a greet and then a sarcastic thanks from her. Either way, her looks will still be a target on social media, and you better be on the right side.

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